Gifted and Talented Education at Wangaratta High School

Wangaratta High School makes a commitment to providing gifted and talented students with a fulfilling and challenging education commensurate with their abilities.


At Wangaratta High School we acknowledge that every student is an individual and we provide appropriate support for each student. We offer a variety of programs and strategies to ensure all gifted and talented students are catered for with ongoing support.

Programs at Wangaratta High School

Extension studies

Each unit of work provides extension activities to encourage higher order thinking skills. We provide semester long units of study designed to extend talented students. These include: Writing For Extension, Maths Enrichment, Maths Extension, Shakespeare, Biology B and Ideas that Change the World.

Individual Student programs

We ensure that each student, through an interview process is undertaking a program conducive to their needs and abilities. Students are matched with a mathematics program to suit their specific level of skills and learning needs. Senior English programs also cater for individual needs and level of ability.

Subject or Year Level Acceleration

Students have the opportunity to undertake a course specifically catering for there needs by accelerating to a higher subject or year level.

University of Melbourne Extension Program (UMEP) – VCE students only.

Upon satisfying selection criteria, students are able to undertake extension studies in Art History  - a first year university subject offered by Melbourne University. UMEP is designed to challenge most able students and earns an increment towards their ENTER Score.

Monash University Enhancement Studies Program – VCE students only.

The Monash University Enhancement Studies Program gives high achieving senior secondary students the opportunity to extend their learning in a particular subject area by completing the first year of a standard university subject as part of their Year 12 program. The course of study is delivered in an off-campus or distance education mode and includes comprehensive study materials developed specifically for these units; opportunities to attend on-campus sessions once or twice each semester and access to university staff.

Competitions, involvement in extra curricular activities

Students have lots of opportunities to engage in a variety of competitions and extra curricular activities to challenge them. These include: individual subject competitions, and involvement in the school debating team, public speaking awards, the annual production, sporting events, and much more. Details of these opportunities are published each week in Korrumbeia.

Myths and Misconceptions surrounding programs for Gifted and Talented Students

“All children are gifted” - People have conTuesday, 21-Oct-2008 15:56 of performing at a level above our age peers; we are not all gifted.

“These programs are elitist” - More elitism is fostered by keeping gifted children in mainstream groups. Students can get a warped idea of where they fit in the world if they are constantly achieving at the top of their group with very little effort. Gifted students in these environments can develop poor work habits. For many students, placement in a class of similarly able peers is a real leveller and breeds humility, not feelings of elitism.

“These students will make it on their own” - Research shows that most gifted students work significantly below their ability at school. Some of these students waste 50% of their time, some waste much more. A significant percentage of students who drop out of school are, in fact, gifted but have lost interest in school..

“The others will catch up eventually” - In fact the opposite is true. When educated appropriately, the gap between the gifted and their age-mates widens over time.

“A gifted child must be gifted at everything” - Just as Beethoven was not considered an elite scientist, Newton was not known for his musical accomplishments. Most gifted students are gifted in a special area(s) and many have strengths in other areas. The SEAL program is most appropriate for students who are highly able across a range of subject areas and who may also have a particular strength in one area.

For more information, contact Monica Jago, the Gifted and Talented program coordinator on (03) 5723-0500.



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