SEAL stands for Select Entry and Accelerated Learning. Wangaratta High School is one of over 38 government schools who have approval to run this program. The SEAL Program is an innovative program for highly able students and has been running successfully at the High School for a number of years. The program has attracted some of the brightest regional students who move through sections of the Year 7-9 curriculum at a faster pace in a separate class group. The SEAL Program provides these students with the opportunity to work with like-minded peers and prepares them for broader, more intensive Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) studies and/or University Extension units in their senior years.

Applications for prospective Year 7 students are made early in Term 2 when the applicants are in Year 6. Second round applications for prospective Year 7 students may be considered in Term 4, if places are available. Students may apply for Year 8 or Year 9 SEAL classes, mid-year applications at all levels may also be an option; these applications are considered on an individual basis.

The SEAL Program specifically caters for students who enjoy a challenge and are capable of performing above the expected level for their age. Many of these students are gifted. The program is most suited to students who are strong across a range of subject areas in primary school, not just one subject. The curriculum is differentiated specifically for highly able students, it moves at a faster pace, involves less repetition and has greater breadth and depth than the mainstream Year 7-9 curriculum.

Placement in the SEAL Program is based on a Selection Test held at the High School, nominations by current teachers and/or Principal, parent nominations and interviews, where appropriate. Other test results such as IQ, NAPLAN and ICAS competition results can also be taken into account.

Applications for the 2018 Year 7 Intake have now closed.   Further information regarding the SEAL Program can be obtained from:


Wangaratta High School SEAL Program Brochure

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