What have we done so far at Wangaratta High School

We have spent the last 18 months implementing the universal (Tier One) level of School Wide Positive Behaviour. We have a classroom matrix of expected behaviours and a reward system in place. This is really only the beginning in what will be a four-year project to roll it all out effectively. We have started looking at and developing some individual management plans for Tier Three students.

The positive behaviour program has also been linked to the school’s house system and includes more and varied activities, as well as students earning points for their house when rewarded for good behaviour or participation in house events, school sports teams or other school competitions.

This year we hope to achieve the consolidation of the universal aspect of the program, by developing expected behaviour matrices for areas outside the classroom and updating the classroom matrix to reflect our school’s non-negotiable behaviours. We also need to develop a reliable system of instruction for all students in the expected behaviours.

The school’s Positive Behaviour Support team will deliver to all staff professional development in effective classroom management in Positive Behaviour Support. This will ensure that all staff are giving the same message to students and that expected behaviours will become more entrenched.

Expectations & values

  • Procedures & routines
  • Continuum of strategies to acknowledge appropriate behaviours
  • Active supervision
  • Multiple opportunities to respond
  • Activity sequence & offering choice

We will also further develop our interventions for students who need extra support in order to meet our expected behaviours. This will include professional development for staff on Functional Behaviour Assessments. At Wangaratta High School we will develop a set of non-negotiable behaviours that staff will work with.



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