School Vision

The first step to a Whole School Approach is to have common language that students & staff can reference when talking about the wellbeing & engagement of students. At Wangaratta High School we have four school values, Ready to Learn, Safe, Personal Best & Respect. These values are shown throughout the school, used in celebration assemblies, reflection sheets & so much more! 

Below is an example of the classroom poster, which can be referenced by teachers to support students in understanding why each value is important for a positive learning space.

These values are the foundation of the Strive Program, guiding our acknowledgement tools, behaviour management & consistency throughout Wangaratta High School. Praise is a large part of the Strive program, where we want to make sure to acknowledge students when they demonstrate a school value. On the other hand, we can then use school values to guide students who are not demonstrating school values, and lead them to behaviours we want in our learning environment.

School Values

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