Principal Report

2nd September It has been wonderful to see and feel the sunshine over the past few days as Spring starts and the weather begins to turn away from the dark and dreary days of Winter.

We hope that these rays of sunshine and the warmer weather will help all of us regain a bit of a spring in our step as we continue to work through Stage 3 restrictions associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

We know that community restrictions, together with flexible and remote learning, have changed the way that we do things and that some of our school community are thriving but that there are others who are really struggling. 

I would like to encourage you all to reach out to those around you and ask “R U Ok?” This is especially important given the current climate and of significance as we approach “R U Ok?” day on Thursday 10th September.

There are a vast array of community and school supports available for students during these times and we should never underestimate the value, importance and significance of a friend asking this question.

As we are fast approaching the final weeks of Term 3 I would like to encourage all of our Year 12 students to maintain their focus and continue to strive towards the goals that they have set themselves for their final year of formal schooling. 

We know that you have all been dedicating time and energy to ensuring that you remain up to date and on top of your learning during Flexible and Remote Learning and our staff here at the High School have every confidence that with continued effort and persistence we will see some great results from you this year. 

Remember to keep checking in with your teachers and to let them know how you are going and what you need assistance with. We are all here to help you through to the successful completion of Year 12 and will support you with the hard work that you need to undertake between now and the end of the school year. A few resources have been released in the past few weeks at assist you along the way, these include:

To our students in Year 7-10 we put out an important call for you to stay the course! 

Keep logging in each day for your learning, record your attendance, participate in WebEx sessions and continue to submit the work for your teachers. 

There has been some amazing work submitted in FRL2.0 and we look forward to this continuing over the final weeks of Term 3.

Mr Bradley Moyle