Principal Report

16th September Celebrating the end of Term 3 and further updates about the return to onsite learning for all students in Term 4.

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

Congratulations on making it through to the final days of what has been a long and challenging Term 3.  As the term has progressed it has been wonderful to see many success stories and evidence of some students thriving during Flexible and Remote Learning.  As a school we have seen both ends of the scale, with those students thriving and those who have struggled, often through no fault of their own, to maintain their learning.  As we head into Term 4 our focus now shifts to four key areas for the final eleven school weeks of 2020.  These four focus areas are:

  • Beginning the process of catch-up learning and continuing to extend those who progressed well during flexible and remote learning
  • Supporting students to re-establish friendships and class groups when back on site, and provide additional support where needed
  • Helping every student prepare for 2021 with a sense of purpose and optimism
  • Ensuring students continue to develop their literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills, build their personal and social capability and are physically active.

As we commence Term 4 we will be calling on each and every member of our school community to support us with this work and ensuring that all students have the opportunity to shine and show us their best.  Stay tuned over the weeks ahead as we will continue to update you with our work and focus on students for Term 4.

Whilst we are resuming onsite learning in Term 4 it will by no means be a normal start to the term.  Our arrangements for the start of Term 4 are guided by Department of Education & Training Operational Guidelines and include:

Week 1

5th – 9th October 2020

Week 2

12th – 16th October 2020

All students to continue learning via Flexible & Remote Learning.

Students who are eligible for onsite attendance may attend onsite for supervision and support, please see COMPASS for further details.

VCE Unit 3/4 students will sit the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 7th October.

VCE, VCAL and VET students may be invited onsite for Essential Assessments during this week.

On Monday 12th October onsite learning resumes for Year 11 & 12 students only.

On Tuesday 13th October students in Years 9 & 10 will join with Year 11/12 students for onsite learning.

On Wednesday 14th October students in Years 7 & 8 will resume onsite learning, with all students in Years 7-12 now onsite.

All students will be temperature checked on arrival to school.  Details to follow in Week 1 of Term 4.

Please keep your eye on COMPASS and our Facebook page for further updates about Term 4.

Year 12 students

At this business end of their final year of schooling we would like to encourage all of our Year 12 students to continue the hard work, effort and endeavour that they have invested over the last 8 months. The finish line is in sight and with the support of your parents, carers and teachers we have every confidence that with continued effort and endeavour that you will successfully complete your final year of schooling and what a final year it has been! Over the holiday break, find time to pursue those things that you enjoy, particularly with the easing of restrictions. However, all play and no work does not bode well for great results. So, you are also encouraged to fine tune those notes, complete any outstanding work tasks and to invest some time in the supports that we are offering you. This might include access the NEVR Revision Lectures or the revision lectures organised through the school to support your work in a range of subjects. No matter what the future brings, you all have lots to be proud of as we approach the end of 2020 and we want you to head into 2021 following your desired pathways and with a sense of optimism.

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students across all Year levels for their efforts to continue learning during these unusual times.  We have seen through this experience that you are capable, resilient and most of all prepared to adapt, be agile and try new things. Be proud of what you have achieved and remember that Term 4 is your chance to shine as we return onsite.

Thank you to the many parents and carers who have actively supported student learning, sometimes whilst also trying to juggle your own workload.  Your support has been invaluable and we look forward to that continuing in Term 4 as we navigate the challenges of returning onsite.

Finally, to our staff team. A team that has had to learn and adapt throughout flexible and remote learning. Thank you for your commitment to our students, including the endless hours of communicating with our students and parents and the huge amount of screen time to ensure students are learning and connecting. Your work often happens quietly in the background but over FRL 2.0 you have achieved amazing things, thank you.

Students, parents, carers and staff, may you all find some down time over the break. Stay safe, stay healthy and we look forward to seeing all of our students back on site by Wednesday 14th October.

Kind regards,

Brad Moyle

Executive Principal