WHS End of Year Award's Ceremony & Year 12 Certificate Presentation Evening

All of our award winner's from our Annual Awards Ceremony.

On Tuesday evening, we were lucky enough to finally return to our normal format, and hold our annual End of Year Awards Ceremony at the Wangaratta PAC to acknowledge the successes and achievements of our students throughout 2021.
Just under 200 individual school and subject awards were handed out, as well as 28 sponsored awards. 
Our Year 12s also recieved their Year Completion of Year 12 Certificate, as they await their official VCE results to come out on Thursday 16th December. 
Thank you to the following sponsors for their continued support of our students at our Awards Evening:
  • Choice Flooring by Aggenbach's
  • Wangaratta RSL
  • NE Tracks LLEN
  • North-East Multi-cultural Association
  • Wangaratta Lions Club
  • Rotary Club of Appin Park Wangaratta
  • North-East Business Machines
  • Gary Nash & Co.
  • RM Clayton Joinery
  • H&H Canteens
  • Tuff Tyres
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Centre Quilters Wangaratta
  • The Woodward Family

Please see below for a full list of Award Winners for 2021:

English Excellence Awards:
Year 7 English: Jayla Keys & Clara Rocchiocchioli.
Year 8 English: Hannah Stafford & Clare Collins.
Year 9 English: Mae Jayet & Kalika Miliankos-King.
Year 10 English: Lucy Gardner.
Year 10 English Extensions: Sheridan McDonald & Orlando Bulmer.
Year 10 Foundation English: Brodie Garratt .
Unit 1/2 English: Caitlyn Delaney.
Unit 1/2 English Extensions: Caitlyn Delaney.
Year 11 Foundation English: Abbey Dunstan.

Humanities Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Humanities: Georgia Meggs & Elliott Rowles.
Year 8 Humanities: Simon Cagas & Isabelle Hooper.
Year 9 Humanities: Millie Meggs & Hannah Lockhart.
Year 10 Micro Business and Entrepreneurship: Isabel Robinson.
Year 10 Issues in Australia: Lucy Gardner.
Year 10 WWII & The Holocaust: Orlando Bulmer.
Year 10 Rights, Freedom & Popular Culture: Orlando Bulmer.
Unit 1/2 Ancient History: Courtney Strik.
Unit 1/2 Legal Studies: Tamara Scott.
VET Community Services (1st Year): Abbey Dunstan.
VET Community Services (1st Year): Drucilla Richards.

Mathematics Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Maths: Clara Rocchiccioli & Stevie Smith-Driscoll
Year 8 Maths: Clare Collins & Ella Walsh.
Year 9 Maths: Amy Griffiths & Lizzy Moffat.
Year 10 Foundation Maths: Briana Roberts.
Year 10 General Maths: Brodie Garratt.
Year 10 Maths Extensions: Sarah Henderson.
Unit 1/2 General Maths:Lily McPhan.
Unit 1/2 Foundation Maths:Amali Edmonstone.
Unit 1/2 Maths Methods: Lara Corsini.
Unit 1/2 Specialist Maths: Lara Corsini.

Science Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Science: Clara Rocchicchioli & Georgia Meggs.
Year 8 Science: Tom Ford & Anthony Chisholm.
Year 9 Science: Kalika Miliankos-King & Zoe Baguley.
Year 10 Science: Thomas Ryan
Year 10 Biology/Psychology: Orlando Bulmer.
Unit 1/2 Biology: Orlando Bulmer.
Unit 1/2 Chemsitry: Lara Corsini.
Unit 1/2 Psychology: Sheridan McDonald.
Unit 1/2 Physics: Liam Thivillier-Lefebvre.

Language Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Italian: Emma Jory.
Year 8 Italian: Clare Christison.
Unit 1/2 Italian: Sheridan McDonald.

Technology Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Food Technology: Kodee Vickery.
Year 7 Textiles: Cameron Sgarioto.
Year 8 Wood: Kayden Harrison.
Year 8 Metal: Seth Jannenga.
Year 9 Food Technology: Lizzy Moffat.
Year 9 Hospitality: Jaxsun Williams.
Year 9 Design & Print (Textiles): Shakira McKenzie.
Year 10 Food Technology: Aiden Farmer.
Year 10 Textiles: Gracie York.
Year 10 Furniture Design: Austin Sacco.
Year 10 Technology (Design & Print): Layla Earl.
Year 10 ICT/Multimedia: Sheridan McDonald.
Unit 1/2 Design & Technology – Textiles: Bree Cook.
Unit 1/2 Design & Technology – Wood: Lucas Paola.
Unit 1/2 Systems Engineering: Ethan Gregory.

Performing Arts Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Music: Sienna Maguire.
Year 8 Music: Tara Wevers.
Year 8 Drama: Kaylen Coller O’Keefe.
Year 9 Music: Alana McKenna.
Year 9 Drama: Leo Harwood.
Unit 1/2 Music Performance: Gracie York.
Year 11 VET Music – Sound Production: Lucas Paola.
Year 11 VET Music – Performance: Daniel Bell.

Visual Arts Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Art: Clara Rocchiccioli.
Year 8 Visual Art: Alicia Snowdon.
Year 9 Art: Samantha Richards.
Year 9 Visual Communication: Sienna Box Corsini.
Year 9 Photography: Cody Lepoidevin.
Year 10 Visual Communication: Ebony Albertson.
Year 10 Media Studies: Sheridan McDonald.
Year 10 Intro to Studio Arts: Gemma Warford.
Year 10 Photography: Aiden Farmer.
Unit 1/2 Media: Tara Tidball.
Unit 1/2 Visual Communication: Charlotte Phillips.
Unit 1/2 Studio Arts: Isobel Robinson.

Health & Physical Education Excellence Awards:
Year 7 Physical Education/Health: Ava Byrne & Ellie Meggs.
Year 8 Physical Education/Health: Ned O’Kane & Jack Gambrell.
Year 9 Physical Education: Amy Griffiths & Lachlan Barbour.
Year 9 Sport & Recreation: Wil Carmody.
Year 10 HAPE: Sheridan McDonald.
Year 10 Advanced PE: Ciarn McPherson.
Year 10 PE Boys on the Move: Jack Kelly.
Year 10 Child Development: Kelly Winter. 
Year 10 Outdoor Education: Kelly Winter.
Unit 1/2 Physical Education: Alannah Baguley.
Unit 1/2 Health & Human Development: Tamelia White.
Unit 1/2 Outdoor Education: Charlotte Phillips.

CLC Awards:
Semester 1: Jessie Finney, Megan Hill, Bronte Dowdle, Angel Goeby, Tiana Wiliams & Shakira McKenzie.
Semester 2: Sienna Box Corsini, Kalika Miliankos-King, Caeleigh Cornhill, Amy Griffiths & Hannah Lockhart.

Hazel June Woodward (Sisley) Sports Awards:
Year 7: Merlin Tzaros & Stevie Smith-Driscoll.
Year 8: Tom Ford & Hannah Stafford. 
Year 9: Edan Van Bergen & Sienna Box Corsini.
Year 10: Lucy Gardner & Robert Sessions.
Year 11: Jarrod Bell & Fiona Schlling.
Year 12: Tom Rosser & Ebony Norris.

Hazel June Woodward (Sisley) Sportsperson of the Year:
Jack Boulton (Year 11). 

H.H Champion Awards:
Year 7: Xavier Bennett & Abby James.
Year 8: Simon Cagas & Claire Christison.
Year 9: Wil Carmody & Millie Meggs.
Year 10:  Jordan Gosbell & Brodie Garratt.
Year 11: Vincent Chisholm & Alannah Baguley.
Year 12: Tobias Miliankos-King & Macy Nichol.

Endeavour Awards:
Year 7: Clara Rocchiccioli, Jayla Keys, Ava Byrne, Merlin Tzaros, Roy Dunstan, Sienna Maguire, Ellie Meggs, Stevie Smith-Driscoll, Abby James, Emma Jory, Bailey Tanner, Noah Gambrell, Zoe Taurega-Green, Rachel Richards, Jaydee Peake, Jaymie Law & Laurie Duncan.
Year 8: Simon Cagas, Tara Wevers, Claire Christison, Clare Collins, Dylan Savage, Hannah Stafford & Swaye Frankland.
Year 9: 
 Alice Grant, Zoe Baguley, Wil Carmody, Mae Jayet, Shakira McKenzie, Natasha Kohn, Millie Meggs, Heidi Fitzpatrcik, Cody Lepoidevin, Kalika Miliankos-King, Sienna Box Corsini, Tahlia Jones & Samantha Richards.
Year 10: Ebony Albertson, Kelly Winter, Breanna Finger, Brodie Garratt, Orlando Bulmer, Sheridan McDonald, Roxanne Mayne Prtichard, Lucy Gardner, Ralph Lampa and Jordan Gosbell.
Year 11: Charlotte Phillips and Caitlyn Delaney. 

Gary Nash & Co. Award:
Aiden Farmer.

Choice Flooring by Aggenbach's Award:
Stephanie Grant. 

H&H Canteens Award:
Cody Lepoidevin.

North-East Multicultural Association Awards:
Kalika Miliankos-King & Liam Thivillier-Lefebvre.

Wangaratta RSL Scholarships:
Ebony Albertson & Breeanna Keys (Year 10).
Bree Cook & Courtney Strik (Year 11).

North-East Business Machines Award:
Cody Lepoidevin.

Tuff Tyres Award:
Zoe Baguley.

Centre Quilters Award:
Bree Cook.

RM Clayton Joinery Award:
Lucas Paola.

Charles Sturt University Awards:
Akasha Ling, Shanay Desmond & Drucilla Richards.

Upper Hume Sports Certificates:
Emilio Miliankos-King & Jada Ryan.

School Sports Victoria Academic & Sporting Achievement Medal:
Tessa Clayton.

Melbourne Unviersity Kwong Lee Dow Scholars Award:
Orlando Bulmer.

ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Awards:
Gracie York (Year 10) & Ulrika Wild (Year 12).

ADF Future Innovators Awards:
Orlando Bulmer (Year 10) & Shevanti Perera (Year 12).

NE Tracks LLEN Award:
Hayley Hayes-Rodgers.

Rotary Club of Appin Park Scholarships:
Eric Van Leeuwin Scholarship: Ebony Albertson
Student Leadership Bursay: Tully Dwyer

Wangaratta Lions Award:
Shevanti Perera.