Welcome to 2023

Welcome to Wangaratta High School, we look forward to having you join us in 2023. Please see below some helpful information: 

Year 7
Year 7 2023 Parent-Carer Do List
Bus Form

News daily timings for 2023 

The 2023 school year commences on Tuesday, the 31st January 2022 for all students, as Monday 30th is a staff Professional Practice Day. Our start and finish times remain the same 2023, but we are changing our daily structure to align with other system wide changes around teaching allocations. We will shift from 6 sessions a day to 5 and have an earlier lunch and afternoon recess. We believe that the earlier lunch will serve all students better, but especially those that travel from out of town. 

Students arrive at school by  


Session 1  

9:00am to 9.56am  

Session 2  

9:56am to 10:52am  

Homeroom (daily)  

10:52am to 11.12am  


11:12am to 12:02pm  

Session 3  

12:02pm to 12:58pm  

Session 4  

12:58pm to 1:54pm  


1:54pm to 2.29pm  

Session 5  

2:29pm to 3:25pm  

Homeroom and student diaries

We are implementing a new daily 20 minute Homeroom for all year levels next year. This daily lesson with a consistent homeroom teacher will support increased connection to the school and support a caring and nurturing relationship between students and their homeroom teacher, who has a strong advocacy and care focus. The Homeroom sessions will have a specific curriculum and focus across each days, with Monday and Tuesday focused on learning (diary and academic planning, goal setting, study skills, personal organisation, and digital organisation); Wednesday and Thursday will be centred on social and emotional learning and assemblies (year level or junior/middle/senior assemblies as well as whole school) and Fridays are fun focused, with significant opportunities for student led activities and leadership. 

A renewed and reenergised focus on Ready to Learn and Bring Your Own Device 

In 2023, Wangaratta High School will be re-invigorating our Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD) to enhance teaching and learning processes within the classroom. Our rationale behind this decision is to ensure all students have the skills to access opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere, while at the same time understanding how to manage technology to improve their learning. 

To do this, students from Year 7 to Year 12 will be asked to bring a suitable, charged device to school each day to support their learning, with teachers increasing the use of in-class technology-based activities to enhance pedagogy. 

For parents and carers looking for guidance around which device to purchase, Wangaratta High School has partnered with 'Learning With Technology’ (LWT), who have put together a portal allowing parents to purchase discounted devices that meet all our minimum requirements. Parents can access further information and purchase devices by visiting the following link https://wangarattahs.orderportal.com.au/ 

For more detailed information on the School’s BYOD policy please click the link below. 

WHS - Digital learning policy[98212].pdf

Textbooks and second sales of books and uniform 

After more than 30 years of partnership with Wangaratta High School, Edgars Books and News will be closing the business's school textbook / booklist branch. 

This sad news has forced WHS to look for a new provider and following an extensive and rigorous search, we are proud to announce that Lilydale Books will be our new student workbook, textbook, and stationary provider in 2023. 

Lilydale Books (located in the Yarra Valley), has been providing educational books and stationery for primary and secondary schools Australia wide for over 35 years. They are specialists in Back-to-School booklist services and have extensive experience in educational supplies, digital platforms, curriculum resources and library services. 

Their online door-to-door delivery service makes ordering books much more efficient, and we look forward to building this partnership in years to come. 

Front (whs.vic.edu.au)

In addition to our new booklist provider, Wangaratta High School have partnered with an online ‘Second-hand textbook seller / provider, ‘The Sustainable School Shop’.  

The Sustainable School Shop encourages re-use and re-cycling of school books through innovation and technology, enabling families to sell and / or look for a second-hand items first before buying new. 

What can be Advertised, Sold and Traded 

Parents and students can sell or buy practically anything that relates student education. 

Commonly traded items 
Uniforms (Only items in good condition or better) 

For more information, please use link below. 

Sustainable School Shop - Second hand Textbooks, Uniforms etc

User Guide