Newsletter 5th August 2020

Issue 16


Principal Report 5th August

We are once again visiting Flexible and Remote Learning (FRL) as our community continues to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 


At the end of 2019 we would never have believed that 2020 would unfold this way if someone had of told us of the year ahead.  However, events around the world have thrown all of us a bit of a curve ball in 2020. If nothing else, these evets have shown us just how resilient, adaptable and agile we can be as individuals, teams and organisations. 

Over the last eight months our school community and the individuals that make it up have demonstrated the ability to not only manage change but to make the most of the situation and to pivot and adapt practices. 

During Term 2, students, staff and parent/carers demonstrated the capacity to succeed with Flexible and  Remote Learning and we are confident that with this second round of FRL we will again see a significant number of success stories as we work towards a new normal and enhance our capacity to support all students, no matter what the circumstances.

Our staff team have been working diligently over the last few days to allow us to start Flexible and Remote Learning on Wednesday 5th August. 

The result of this is a slightly different approach to FLR 2.0 than what we saw in Term 2.  The success of our students and your children during this time is heavily reliant upon us all working together as a team and communicating the expectations, the successes and the challenges. 

As such we ask that students and parents are regularly checking COMPASS as our main communication tool.   

COMPASS also allows parents the opportunity to communicate directly with our teachers. 

Throughout the Term, teaching and learning will be delivered via Google Classroom, WebEx and other tools,  directly to students. 

COMPASS will contain the details of this learning and the commitments required of students directly to parents.  If at any stage you are unsure, please contact your child’s teacher, either via COMPASS email or telephoning the school.

We encourage you to draw on the successes that we experienced in Flexible and Remote Learning during Term 2 and draw strength from the fact that we know we can do this and support our students through this difficult time.  

Please try to stay positive, calm and remind your children that everything will be alright, we are doing this to ensure the safety of our community and so that we can return to normal schooling as soon as we can.

We thank our school community for their support and flexibility in this time of change and look forward to welcoming students back on campus as soon as we can.


Year 7 SEAL Humanities

In Year 7 SEAL Humanities, our learning focus for this term is Ancient Civilisations.

To begin our research, we are studying Ancient Australian history. Within this area, we are covering a number of areas including the continuous connection to Country many Indigenous Australians have; the varying environments within the continent; the connections to Torres Strait Islander peoples; and the importance of Country and Dreaming.

To further explore the importance of the stories from the Dreaming, students in 7E were allocated a specific story to research and they then had to re-enact the story to the class to teach their peers about the meaning of the story.

All members of the class actively participated in the activity, with many members memorising the stories and bringing in props to ensure the story was clearly conveyed. The group presentations also reflected the oral traditions of our Indigenous peoples.

Ms Wealands

Year 7 SEAL Science

This term Year 7 SEAL have been studying cells.

Students got crafty and created either a plant or animal cell to demonstrate their knowledge of organelles (parts of the cell). Circle plates represent animal cells and the rectangular trays represent the plant cells.

Ms Lang

Year 11 Eye Dissection

Our Year 11 Psychology students dissected a bull’s eye last week

As part of their studies about how perception of stimuli enables a person to interact with the world around them Year 11 students dissected a bull's eye.


Footy Tipping Winners

Announcing the winners of our footy tipping competition 2020.

Our annual footy tipping competition wrapped up this week with the following winners:

1st Prize—Matt Gardner & Hunter Gottschling

Wooden Spoon—Pearl Neary (pictured below)

COVID Update

Tips and positive messages to help us all get through this!

Earth Hour Poster Winners

Last week our prefects announced the Earth Hour Winners.

Last term on the 25th of June, the Prefects organised our very first ‘Earth Hour Day’, where everyone wore casual and green if they could, bringing a gold coin donation to raise money for the Carbon Neutral Charitable fund. This is a not-for-profit organisation which works towards planting more native trees in Australia; we raised over $300 so fantastic work everyone for a fabulous effort!

Our Years 7-9 also had a poster competition for the best idea of how to be environmentally friendly. We are pleased to announce our winners for this as Ella, Tara, Lilly and Tahlia from 7D, and Grace, Lydia and Rory from 9A. These posters were truly spectacular, so congratulations! We hope everyone enjoyed the day and has learnt something about our environment to keep in mind in the future.

By Uli Wild
Year 12 Prefect


Staff Profile Nellie Montague

Meet our new Media and Events Coordinator.

What is your role at WHS? I am the Media and Events Coordinator — I create the newsletter, update the website and create all our advertising material.

How long have you been at WHS? Three excellent weeks!

Where did you go to High School? Northcote High School—I loved it and was a big nerd.

What was the best thing you did during the holidays? I taught my dog to bow and bought a stand mixer.

Did you learn anything new during lockdown? I learnt how to make pizza dough, sponge cakes and epic tagines!

Do you have any pets? Yes a curly coated retriever who is 5 months old and called Maera.

What do you like to do outside of school? Ride my bike to op shops.

What are you looking forward to in lockdown 2.0? The roads being quieter for my bike rides!


Mystery Word Competition

Collect all the letters to win!
Win a $250 voucher from Frank's Footwear Wangaratta
Follow these steps to win:
  1. Collect the four letters from the term 3 newsletters – the second letter is M
  2. Work out the four letter word 
  3. Email with the winning word and your name by Monday, 14th September

*Competition open to WHS students only