Newsletter 16th December 2020

Issue 25


Principal Report

This school year has seen a huge array of unforeseen challenges and experiences across our school and broader community.  The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a year like no other and really forced us to examine our practices and how we best support our students and staff to ensure that we bring our school vision to life.

For our students and staff, 2020 has tested many people on a personal and professional level.  However, through this adversity and challenge we have seen the immense power of connection, care and compassion come to the fore as our students and staff have displayed high levels of adaptability and resiliency in these challenging times.  Our students forced to work from home with the valuable support of their parents and carers.  Our staff, working from home and delivering learning by utilising a new array of technology to bring learning to life in the homes of our students.  All of this surrounded by periods of learning at school.

Our School Leadership Team is extremely proud of the effort and endeavour demonstrated by our students and staff in 2020.  Despite the challenges, teaching and learning has carried on and we continue to work towards creating and inspiring the current and future generations of learners and leaders. 

Our focus as we move forward into 2021 will be on students and how we can best support them to succeed in their learning and school life.  This will include a focus on supporting students to successfully re-engage with their learning after the challenges of 2020.  As we undertake this work, we will be looking at the further development and embedding of whole school approaches where we all work together – staff, families and communities to support our students.  This will include leadership that ensures the structures, systems and supports are in place to enable us to collaboratively tackle the work and bring out the best in every student at Wangaratta High School.

In our final newsletter for the year, I would like to close with a few words of thanks to the amazing people who make up our school community.  To our students, thank you for the daily challenge and excitement that you bring to our school, you are the source of inspiration for many and it is an absolute pleasure to support you in your efforts and endeavours.  Take every possible opportunity in 2021 to shine and show us all what you are capable of.  To our staff team, thank you for your work and dedication in supporting the growth and development of our students, not just academically but also socially and emotionally.  The labours of the work can be taxing but the rewards are intrinsically rich and the ‘above and beyond’ that many of you undertake is greatly appreciated.  Thank you to our parents and community, your support, pride and growing confidence in our school is a key ingredient in our success, thank you.

Finally, on a personal level, thank you for the opportunity over the last few years to lead the Wangaratta High School community.  I know I will be taking many memories away with me and that the High School is now in a good position to grow and further develop in the years ahead.

Staggered start to the 2021 school year

After careful consideration of the impacts of the pandemic on our transition processes in 2020 we have elected to adopt a staggered start to the school year in 2021.  This decision has been made to ensure that our new Year 7 students have the best start possible, given the limited opportunities to visit our school this year.

Student commencement dates for 2021 are:

  • Year 7, 11 and 12 students will commence on Thursday 28th January 2021
  • Year 8, 9 and 10 students will commence on Friday 29th January 2021

Safe and enjoyable holiday break

On behalf of our Principal Team, I would like to wish our students, staff, parents, carers and broader community a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year period.  Our team will look forward to sharing our Year 12 results with you in late December / early January and then welcoming our 2021 students to the new school year in late January.

Brad Moyle
Executive Principal

Graduation 2020

The Wangaratta High School Graduation was held on Friday the 4th December at the Turf Club Wangaratta with over 50 students and 20 staff in attendance.

Showbags were provided to each graduating student with Class of 2020 face masks from Worklocker Wangaratta, engraved Wangaratta High School drinking glasses, a certificate of achievement and other goodies.

Students took photos on the photo wall, wrote on a memory board and played giant jenga outside.

We awarded a number of prizes including the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Awards which went to Kayla Fisher, the North East Tracks Local Learning and Employment Network award to Britney Kungl, the Tuff Tyres Award to Charlotte Mullens, the Edgars Books and News award to Kayla Fisher and the HH Champion Awards for embodiment of school values to Jordan McDonald and Layla McKenzie.

Year 12 Symphonic Band members were also recognised for their contribution to music at Wangaratta High School over their six years at the school. These were Boren Chen, Charlotte Mullens, Layla McKenzie, Jared Cook, Ben Christie, Emma Christie, Kayla Fisher and Sara Radovanovic (photo below).

The JMS Humphrey Award went to Ben Christie and Emma Christie in recognition of being outstanding music students during their time at Wangaratta High School. Thanks go to Rob Humphrey and family for this generous award.

The Hazel June Woodward (Sisley) Memorial Sportsperson of the Year Award went to Jack Findlay in recognition of his ski career and the fact he is always willing to step in and assist others, giving back to a sport he is so passionate about.

Many thanks to all the sponsors for their generous support of our students.

Students and staff were really happy to be able to attend an event in such a difficult year and many students remarked that they were excited to be able to dress up and celebrate with their friends.

Big thanks to the Turf club for being very flexible as we adapted the event to the ever changing COVID restrictions.

Year 7 2021 Transition

On Tuesday 8th December we welcomed our new Year 7 students for 2021.

Students took part in a range of activities including meeting their mentor teachers, having a school tour, learning how to read a timetable and more.

Our 2021 Year 7 class planted a Transition Garden as part of their Orientation Day today, the garden will be a lasting legacy as the students move through the school over the next six years. A big thanks to Bunnings Wangaratta for the supplies.

Students also received school bags with all the information needed to start in 2021 - big thanks to Worklocker Wangaratta for helping prepare our new students for next year. 

We can't wait to have you all back in 2021!

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 students had an amazing opportunity to go to the Alexandra Adventure Resort on the 23rd to the 25th of November, for a jam packed thrilling experience with awesome activities such as the giant swing and flying fox.

The students arrived on Monday afternoon, received a tour of the camp and did some activities before eating dinner and competing in the camp trivia night.

The students woke up on Tuesday at 7 o'clock to fit all of the activities that the day would bring. Some of the highlights were the leap of faith, high ropes course, and raft building. Once the sun set everyone gathered around the campfire to sing, dance and hang out.

After a good night's sleep everyone packed their bags and watched a wildlife presentation then prepared to say farewell to the camp before hopping on the bus home.

By Talon Ellerton and Ollie Chambers.

After the terrible year that was 2020, the Year 8 Camp to Alexandra Adventure Resort could not have come at a better time! Students were eager to spend time with their friends and staff (Mrs Ryan, Mr Kelly, Ms Bisinella, Mr Holding, Ms Adams and Ky Williamson) were looking forward to spending some much-needed time away from their computer screens.

With the buses fully packed, Mr Kelly called out “No toilet stops along the way, you MUST go now!!!” With no takers, the students loaded up on the buses and we were on our way.

No more than 2 minutes down the road, we were hit by a giant storm. Torrential rain created chaos on the Hume Freeway, cars, trucks and buses pulled over on the side of the road as water gushed and visibility was minimal. Luckily, the rain was only short lived and the journey continued.

With an hour under our belt, Mrs Ryan lost sight of the buses in her rear view mirror and had to call Ms Bisinella to find out where they were. Luckily Hope answered the phone (and got in trouble whilst doing so) and informed me that a student (who will not be named, but we all know who it was….) drank the entirety of his drink bottle and was ‘busting’ for the toilet, so a pit stop was required.

After waiting for 10 minutes on the side of the road, the buses appeared and once again, we were on our way.

On arrival at Alexandra, we were taken for a tour of the facilities and then given time to unpack and settle in. The girls were spoilt with private rooms with ensuites, whilst the boys settled into their country homestead.

The first activity came after lunch, and it was not the best of starts…….students came running yelling “Mrs Ryan, Mrs Ryan…..Ms Bisinella has hurt herself and Dylan is on the flying fox sitting over the middle of the lake!!!” Unfortunately, Ms Bisinella had to be taken to the hospital after a serious fall and was later diagnosed with a blood clot in her calf and a huge compression injury to her thigh (which we can still see weeks later, what a bruise!!!). After a phone call to the Principal and a new staff member (Ms Mascas) packed and on their way, camp was back on track. And oh yeah….. we did get Dylan back in from the middle of the lake!!

The rest of the day’s activities went off without a hitch, the giant swing was a massive hit, there was some amazing raft building and the flying fox saw no more injuries.

After tea, the students took part in a trivia night. Some very interesting questions were asked and all time classic songs (Jolene by Dolly Parton being the biggest hit with staff and students) were played. After 3 rounds of general knowledge and 3 rounds of music trivia it came down to bonus points and the girls: Sienna, Caeleigh, Siara, Amy and Kalika came out winners.

The first night did not go so well in terms of the amount of sleep taking place and the boys felt the wrath of Mrs Ryan at 3am!!!! Silence soon fell across the camp and day 2 was underway.

“Cranky Mrs Ryan” was on full display at breakfast, leaving a number of boys a little red faced and scared to step a foot out of line.

The hit of the day was the laser tag. Mr Holding and Tristan were absolute super stars and for once, gamers had an advantage over their peers. It was full on warfare as staff and students took out some of the built up COVID-19 tension on each other. 

After a swim in the afternoon, and a delicious pasta bake, salad and garlic bread for tea, we all settled down around Mr Kelly’s campfire for marshmallows, chatter and dancing. Darcy’s hips definitely got a workout as he demonstrated that he could dance just as good as the girls! Plenty of mindless chatter was heard around the campfire, and not a phone or device was in sight!! It was the perfect way to end the day.

Day 3 started with a room clean up and bags packed, and after a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, cereal and toast, we were all in for a treat……..snakes, crocodiles, lizards, owls, golden possums, turtles and spiders were all on show during a wildlife presentation. Students were educated on the impact we were all having on the environment and what we can do to help. A number of the animals were passed around for students to have a more up close and personal experience!

Dylan, Kitty and Shakira held a gigantic python that was later wrapped around Connor’s waist. Edan had a smaller snake wrap around his neck and Coby did his best to keep his distance from all of the reptiles on show.

After morning tea, we jumped on board the buses and began our trip back to Wangaratta. Lunch was eaten at Lake Nilahcootie and everyone had fun kicking the footy or soccer ball (which ended up in the lake and Mr Holding had to go for a swim to get it back) and playing Ms Adams’ confusing card game (I’m still not sure how it works, but the kids absolutely loved it)! It was a really nice spot to eat our lunch other than the smell of a dead fish and what we thought was a dead possum…but who really knows?

We arrived back at school at 2:30pm to find out that the wrong time was posted on the permission forms, so the teachers handed their phones around to each student to make over 30 phone calls to parents! Within the hour all students had been picked up and the exhausted staff could make their way home to a nice warm shower and a very comfy and QUIET bed!!!

Throughout the camp, it was wonderful to see students interacting with other students they wouldn’t normally interact with, as new friendships were formed. It was also amazing being out in the fresh air and not trapped behind a computer screen.

Whilst 2020 will be remembered for COVID-19, we hope that it will also be remembered by our students and staff for the amazing Year 8 Camp to Alexandra Adventure Resort.

A special thanks go out to Mr Kelly, Mr Holding, Ms Adams, Ms Bisinella, Ms Mascas, Ky, Bron, Barb, Nellie (and all of the office staff) for all of their support!

Mrs Ryan


Year 10 Maths

Year 10 Maths have been building bridges out of spaghetti and straws with Ms Foreman!

School Holiday Activities

Made in Clay

For adults, kids and inbetweeners. (Kids under 6 require a paid adult accompanying them).

$20-$30 per session

Monday 4 January, Tuesday 5 January and Friday 8 January
11am – 12 noon
Taste of Wheel
Create a Clay Creature Pot
1 pm – 2 pm
Taste of Wheel
Create a Clay Creature Pot

Monday 11 January, Tuesday 12 January and Friday 15 January
11am – 12 noon
Paint a Pot
1 pm – 2 pm
Paint a Pot

For more information see here

Drumming Workshops

In the January school holidays we are putting on free drumming workshop sessions as part of bushfire resilience and recovery for young people in bushfire affected areas.

We are focussing on the teenage age group for these drumming workshops, however we aren’t going to be too strict , although we would like to keep the age range from 12-17.

Registration is essential as there are limited spaces per session, and for catering purposes. Register here.

HotHouse Theatre Workshops Albury Wodonga Night Skies
Is our future determined or is the sky the limit?

These January school holidays we traverse the beautiful summer night sky, to explore the meaning of myth, the perfect chaos of nature and rediscover what this world has to offer.

This workshop is for lovers of drama and theatre making, who wish to create and perform their own performance.

Participants are required to wear comfortable clothing, bring their own lunch, snacks and drink bottle and adhere to all current COVID-19 regulations, including the wearing of masks.

Showings will have limited audience capacities due to social distancing requirements. We will advise of numbers closer to the date.

Cost: $180.00 Inc GST

Primary, ages 8-12: Jan 18-20

9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day with a showing 2:00 PM on Wed Jan 20

Studio space, Butter Factory Theatre

Junior, ages 13-15: Jan 13-15

9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day with a showing 2:00 PM on Fri Jan 15

Studio space, Butter Factory Theatre

Senior Intensive, ages 16-18: Jan 13-15

9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day with a showing 2:30 PM on Fri Jan 15

Theatre, Butter Factory Theatre

For further information please email

Please see our website for enrolments

or call (02) 60217433

Due to COVID-19 restrictions places are limited; so, get in quick so you don’t miss out!


Key Dates Term 1 2021

Monday 8th MarchLabour Day Public Holiday 
Tuesday 9th MarchCurriculum Day - Student Free Day 
Thursday 18th MarchYear 7 ImmunisationsMore information to follow
Wednesday 31st MarchTalent Quest 
Thursday 1st AprilLast Day of Term 1 

Community News

Plan International Australia’s Youth Activist Series (YAS)

The YAS is an opportunity for young people of all genders and identities between the ages of 16 and 24 (residing in Sydney or Melbourne) to create change, develop valuable skills, forge life-long friendships and channel their passion for gender justice and speaking truth to power. 

Throughout the series they receive training in advocacy and campaigning, government relations and stakeholder engagement, research,  media and public speaking, and communications and content collection – to then go out into the world and fight for justice head on - advocating to power holders and the community to ensure youth voices, experiences and solutions are amplified.

How do I apply?
If you know of a young person who would be interested in applying, we would love for your help to share this opportunity with your community and networks! They do not have to be an existing leader in their community. If they are passionate about gender justice and are keen to learn the skills to make change in their society we want them to apply! We are here to support them, empower them and provide a platform to amplify their voice, no matter where they are on their activism journey. 

You can find more information and the link to apply here. The applications will close at the beginning of January 2021. 

Our YAS program strives to be inclusive, intersectional and empowering for all youth. We aim to amplify the voices of young people in all their diversities, and bring First Nations, youth of colour, LGBTIQA+, youth with disabilities and migrant and refugee youth, to the forefront of advocacy. We know we can’t fight for gender justice without ensuring the experiences and visions of all are heard.

Regional Sport Victoria Survey

Regional Sport Victoria are wanting to hear from young people aged 12-17 years in regional Victoria.

RSV would like to hear from young people on how sporting clubs can better attract and support the participation of young people.

This information with help form the basis of the RSV Youth Strategy.

Young people can share their ideas using the Survey Monkey link below. It is an easy activity as it only takes 5 minutes to complete.

You can access the survey monkey link here: 

Apprentice Car Spray Painter

JOIN OUR TEAM! Complete Body Craft Rutherglen are now seeking applications for a new Apprentice Car Spray Painter 4 year apprenticeship with a diverse and increasingly busy facility. To express your interest please contact the office on (02) 6032 8225 or email

If you love all things cars and trucks, this is the one for you!

For more information see here 

Furoskiki Wrapping

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors for supporting our school and providing opportunities for our students.


Whether you require domestic, commercial or industrial electrical installations, we have the experience and the team to complete our work on time and on budget. We can assist with computer points, control systems, hot water, stove and cooktops maintenance, cable and pipe locations, emergency lighting, TV and phone points, trenching, scissor lift hire and more.


We provide domestic & commercial plumbing maintenance, general plumbing, roofing, septic tank installation and gas fitting services. Our services start at minor tap repairs right through to complete house plumbing renovations. No job is too small!



When it comes supplying quality concrete and quarry products, Mawsons are specialists. The company is recognised as a leading construction materials supplier with a reputation for quality and reliability. Mawsons are able to meet customer needs from 16 quarry sites, 40 concrete plants and 7 landscaping centres. Mawsons also operate mobile crushing and screening equipment, and have a fleet of concrete, cement and quarry delivery trucks.


Our aim is to be the news and information destination for North East Victoria, by growing and developing print and digital products that serve our communities. Sponsorship and media support of communities and events are part of our business aims.




Butler’s Pantry Bakehouse is proud to call ourselves your local community bakery in Wangaratta. We’re locals to the area, and we’re so happy to call this our home. That’s why we love getting involved in the local community. Not only do we feed locals and visitors alike with delicious pies, wraps, hot food, rolls, cakes and specialty items, but we also support our local sports clubs. 

Another part of Wangaratta life that we love is helping out with fundraisers and pie drives. We’ve been a part of fundraising for schools, clubs and organisations for a long time, and we won’t be stopping any time soon. 

Dennis Family Homes is proud to be a family building homes for families. Our numerous years of building experience promises your home will be built to the highest quality, and well designed. Most importantly, we’ll ensure the home you choose will be the home you’ll love.



The team at Ravishing Makeup & Beauty Lounge understand how busy life can be & how easy it is to put everyone else first, our goal is to remind you to slow down & ensure that you put YOU first!

Based in the heart of Wangaratta our salon is a place where you can come to unwind, relax & be pampered by one of our trained therapists.

We want you to leave our salon feeling proud & owning the skin you're in.

The Quality Hotel™ Wangaratta Gateway offers modern and relaxing accommodation in the heart of Wangaratta with convenient access to the CBD and local attractions. The hotel is located less than 15 minutes from Wangaratta airport and conveniently close to the Wangaratta Base Hospital, Performing Arts & Convention Centre and the Court House.


Office Choice is your one-stop for essential office supplies, from office stationery and filing products, to printers, shredders, tech solutions and more. We have everything you need to organise and optimise the daily operations of your business, with a selection of high-quality products from reputable brands available at competitive prices.


Bringing together a palette of complementary colours, balanced textures and patterns and the visualisation of the scale and proportion of a space, we will produce solutions to develop an existing style or create a fresh new look



Your locally owned and operated septic cleaning business. Servicing septics, treatment plants, grease traps, triple interceptors, winery waste and liquid industrial waste in North East Victoria. Open Monday - Friday with 24-hour emergency call-out.

We are an established agency with a passionate team who live and breathe all things Wangaratta, we call this place home, and want you to have the best experience when you are selling, purchasing or renting your property with us. We make sure we keep the process simple, efficient and eliminate any stress you have in your real estate journey.


As a Ford dealer, Ovens Ford provides you with high-performing Ford vehicles designed to thrill and inspire you. Located in Wangaratta, we are your #1 choice for Ford vehicles near Yarrawonga, Myrtleford, Beechworth and Bright.

Franks Footwear has been operating for over 60 years in the same store location. We take pride in our excellence in customer service and our wide range of shoes.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is a progressive and award-winning university and has a well-earned international reputation for excellence through its innovative approach to higher education.


A1 Tyrepower Wangaratta are North East Victoria's leading independent tyre experts. We specialise in supplying our customers the very best products and services.

Tyres are what we know and what we do! Passenger and commercial vehicles are serviced by our trained personnel dedicated to keeping you and your family safe on our roads.

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We work hard to help you select the best flooring for your application. As well as the installation of new flooring, our service can also include removal of old flooring, and moving your furniture. We pride ourselves on a finish that can't be beaten and have significant experience on both domestic and commercial jobs

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