Principal Report

I’d like to thank the many families who attended the Parent-Teacher Conferences in Week 2. Parent-Teacher Conferences are an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and a great way to promote communication between school and home. They enable parents to work together with their child’s teachers toward their child’s learning and social wellbeing.

Why are Parent-Teacher Conferences Important?

  • Ensure you keep in contact throughout the semester
  • Getting on top of any issues that creep up early often prevent them from growing into a bigger issue
  • Having insights into class interactions
  • Learn more about your child’s academic, emotional and social development
  • Help your child’s teachers understand more about your child
  • Facilitating feedback or comments to ensure that there is a coordinated and effective team effort into your child’s education

If you were unable to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences, please contact your child’s teacher through Compass email if you have any concerns about your child’s learning and/or social wellbeing.

What is the Respectful Relationships Program?

This Term in the Social and Personal Development Program, the focus is on building Respectful Relationships: using a set of sequential lessons to teach school students about gender, violence and respectful relationships. It is one part of a larger strategy to assist schools in meeting state and federal initiatives to prevent violence against women.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) commissioned VicHealth to develop

a research report, Respectful Relationships Education: Violence Prevention and Respectful Relationships Education in Victorian Secondary Schools (2009). This report recommends educating school students about violence, on the basis that “schools may be sites of violence perpetration and victimisation, and states that schools are high-risk locations for gender-based violence because of peer influence and a climate and culture of acceptability.”

The report argues that there are five powerful reasons to focus efforts on young people:

  • Adolescence is a crucial period in terms of [the] formation of respectful, non-violent relationships.
  • Many children and young people experience violence in their homes.
  • Some young people are already being subjected to, and perpetrating, violence themselves.
  • There is already a degree of tolerance for violence against girls and women.
  • Violence prevention among children and youth has been shown to work.

A sample of the lessons could include the following topics:

Gender and Identity

Activity 1: My individuality: The many facets of me

Activity 2: Exploring gender norms through literature

Activity 3: Investigating gender roles in children’s media

Positive Gender Relations

Activity 1: What is violence?

Activity 2: What is gender-based violence?

Activity 3: Rights and responsibilities

Activity 4: Respect in action

Activity 5: It starts with me: A gender-friendly community


Educating students on respectful relationships and violence prevention is the responsibility of the whole school community.

Michelle Bootes
Acting Principal

Intermediate Band Camp

Last week, members of the Intermediate Band headed up the mountain to the Harrietville Feathertop Chalet to attend the Intermediate Band Camp from May 3rd - 5th.
The Camp was attended by all Year 8 Intermediate Band Members, and an additional 6 VCE students who provided some helpful mentoring and tutoring to the younger students. 
It was three days filled of non-stop practicing! Having missed out on most practices last year due to COVID-19, the camp was a great way to focus solely on improving music skills, and really fine-tune their performances. 
A big thank you to Jenny O'Brien, Scott Solimo and Sharon Mellington for accompanying the students and running the camp. 




School Production Cast + Parent Information Evening

Auditions were held last week for the school production, 'The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood'. Congratulations to the following students for being cast;

Robin Hood: Swaye Frankland
Lady Marian: Anika Robinson
Prince John: Ollie Chambers
Sheriff of Nottingham: Lucas Paola
Towns Guy: Jordan Gosbell
Lady in Waiting: Erin Hepburn
Friar Tuck: Zayden Culp/Violet Richards
Little John: Findlay Howe
Will Scarlett: Cope Swinburne
Alan Adale: Leo Harwood
Fawning Ladies: Kira Geue, Emlyn Connor, Katie Chapman & Claire Christison
Merry Men: Wirra Gilson

Rehearsals will run every Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm - 6:00pm, commencing next Tuesday 18th May. 

Parent Information Evening
There will be an Information Evening for all parents to be held on Tuesday 18th May from 6pm - 7pm in the PAC, after rehearsals. 

The show dates will be Thursday 9th September and Friday 10th September. Stay tuned for more important upcoming dates.

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to Jack Nolan. 

Weekly GOTCHA Champions

At WHS, we use GOTCHA Awards to reward students for displaying positive behaviour.

Students remain engaged when they have a positive incentive and are self-motivated to earn rewards. Incentive rewards offer tangible signs of progress and success and provide students with positive feedback and helps reinforce positive behaviours and expectations.

Each week, 2 students from Year 7&8, 9&10 and 11&12 are chosen for the weekly GOTCHA awards.

Well done to our Week 1 and Week 2 GOTCHA Winners:

       Clara Rocchiccioli                       Euca Boonzaayer
                 Year 7                                         Year 8

          Montana Lloyd                                 Tully Dwyer 
                Year 10                                           Year 10

            Dalvin McFawn                      Hayley Cunningham
                  Year 11                                       Year 12

Keep up the fantastic work!

Band Captains Announced

Congratulations to the following students who have been announced as Band Captains for 2021:

Symphonic Band 

        Mikaylah Rumbelow                        Olivia Zabilowicz
                    Captain                                      Captain

                 Abby Pegler                           Shevanti Perera
                Vice-Captain                             Vice-Captain

Concert Band

             Anika Robinson                            Zoe Baguley
                    Captain                                    Captain

                Tara Wevers                            Jack Gambrell
                Vice-Captain                              Vice-Captain

Intermediate Band

              Erin Hepburn                            Ella Fischer
                   Captain                                   Captain

Interschool Netball

Wangaratta High School had 4 netball teams compete in the Interschool netball on Tuesday 4th May.

Year 7's played well all day and won 2 games out of 5 and were coached by Ricki Ryan.

Year 8's made the final against Catholic College Wodonga - however they were too strong for our girls. Well done Year 8's on coming runners up. Year 8 girls were coached by Zelda Yeates.

Year 9 & 10 (just Year 9's as it was Year 10 work experience week) again played well all day but only drew one game and lost 3 games. The girls did well as most other teams were mainly Year 10 students. Year 9 & 10 were coached by Zelda Yeates.

Year 11 & 12's made the final against Galen College. The girls lost 12-18 but put up a great team effort. Hannah Nott coached this team.

Top effort everyone!

Year 7 Boys Football

The Year 7 Boys Football Team trekked over the road to the Barr Reserve last Friday 7th May, to compete in the Upper Hume Boys Football Competition.
The boys versed Galen Catholic College, Wodonga Catholic College, and Wodonga Middle Years College. Unfortunately the boys were unable to score a win, but put up a great fight against Cathedral, pushing them right to the edge.
The boys played in great spirit, and although they never got the "W" they were after, they should hold their heads high for putting up a gallant fight, and competing with the WHS spirit. 
Thank you to Jay Weston for coaching the boys on the day.

Smoking and Vaping Ban Policy

E-cigarettes are devices that make vapour for smoking, hence the term vaping.

Battery-operated, they may look like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, pens or memory sticks, and use liquids containing a range of toxic chemicals including those that add flavour.

Our Assistant Principal Mr. Paola says vaping is not new practice, but access to the devices had become easier for students, and it's the accessibility and the effects WHS is working to educate students about. 
Some students may not be aware of the health effects of vaping, and that is why it is important to guide students on the right path to make good choices. 

By law, smoking and vaping are banned within the grounds of, and within four metres of an entrance to, all childcare centres, kindergartens, preschools and schools.

If you have any questions regarding vaping, please direct them to John Paola on 03 5723 0500.

Where the ban applies

The smoking and vaping ban applies to:

  • anyone present on school premises during and outside of school hours including students, teachers, contractors, parents or carers or the wider community, such as sporting groups
  • all activities that take place on school premises including pre-schools, kindergartens, outside school hours care, cultural, sporting or recreational activities and school fetes

Smoking and vaping are also banned within four metres of any part of a pedestrian access point (entrance) to the premises.

The diagram adjacent shows an example of where the smoking ban applies at a school.

When the ban applies

The smoking and vaping ban applies at all times, no matter whether the building or school grounds are being used for education purposes or other purposes. The ban therefore applies when other activities are taking place on the school grounds, such as fetes or sporting events, as well as during school hours.


Why the ban exists

  • To protect children and young people from the dangers of second-hand smoke and vapour

This ban ensures that children and young people can enter and leave these areas without being exposed to harmful second-hand smoke and vapour. Their health is particularly at risk because they have smaller airways and less developed immune systems compared to adults.

  • To reduce the role modelling of smoking and vaping behaviours around children and young people

Children and young people are more likely to view smoking and vaping as socially acceptable when they regularly see people doing it.

Banning smoking and vaping in areas used by children and young people will discourage children and young people from using tobacco or e-cigarette products.

Defining a pedestrian access point

A pedestrian access point in relation to premises means a door or gate by which a person can enter or exist the premises. It does not include an emergency exist that is locked to entry.

It does include shared doors or gates. For example, where a building is occupied by a childcare centre as well as other organisations, such as private businesses, any shared entrances that are used to access both areas of the building would be subject to the smoking ban.

Any entrances which lead only to premises not included in the smoking ban, such as the private offices, would not be subject to the smoking ban.

What penalties apply

Fines are described under law in penalty units. From 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, a penalty unit is valued at $165.22.     

The penalty for breaking school smoking and vaping ban laws is a court fine of a maximum of five penalty units ($826 as of 1 July 2020) or an infringement fine of one penalty unit ($165 as of 1 July 2020).

The value of a penalty unit is set annually by the Department of Treasury and Finance and is updated on 1 July each year. For current penalty unit values, visit the Department’s website.

For more information

For more information:

To view the legislation visit the Victorian Government’s legislation website

NAPLAN Testing

A Few General Reminders

School Uniform

Wangaratta High School uniform dress code reinforces student pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the Wangaratta High School community, and assists in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of a dress code.

Over the next couple of weeks will be encouraging students to wear their full school uniform with a blitz on students wearing hoodies and leggings during school hours.  Some second hand uniform items are available at the school. Please contact the school (wellbeing) for more information about the State School Relief support, which is available for families experiencing financial hardship.
The School Policay can be found here. 

Attitudes to School Survey

The Attitudes to School survey is an annual survey, for students Year 7 to 12, that provides data to support student wellbeing and engagement, school improvement and planning in schools. The survey captures students’ attitudes and experiences at school and is aligned with the Department Frameworks for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO). The survey measures are based on the best available evidence about what influences student outcomes. This survey will be starting on Monday the 24th of May.

Portable Speaker Devices:

We have had a few issues with inappropriate music being played in the yard and bus stop area on portable speakers. WHS shares the bus stop area with many students from other primary and secondary schools. The playing of inappropriate music at these times does not enhance the reputation of our school. As a result, we are asking students not to bring these devices to school. Devices will be confiscated and parents asked to collect them from school should they be brought to school.

Exit and Entry to the School on Edwards Street

Students are reminded that when they are coming to and from school from the Edwards Street side, to not walk in on the road and entryway to the staff carpark. This creates a safety hazzard for both staff and students. Please use the designated pedestrian gates. 

A Reminder About Sport Excursion Protocols

It is unfortunate that a number of sport excursions have had to be cancelled recently.

Wangaratta High School follows the government policy, where all attendees must have parental consent and pay, at minimum, 24 hours before the event.
We cannot accept payment and consent on the day due to time pressures and financial and organisational commitments. With new COVID rules, a list of attendees to some venues must be submitted days before the event.

Every excursion that is organised involves an enormous amount of paperwork and preparation before the students even get notification via Compass or handed a hard copy. Buses have to be ordered, so if a bus has been arranged for 50 students, and only five students have handed in consent and payment, the bus needs to be cancelled.

If your child is interested in participating in interschool sport, it is your child’s responsibility to keep you up to date on what they are trying out for, and when permission and payment is due. They need to read notices on Compass, keep an eye on the newsletter and social media and listen to PA announcements as these are our general forms of communication – there is no time for individual messages to everyone. Consent and payment details appear on Compass and those who do not have access to Compass should receive a hard copy for parent signature and payment option details.


Sandy Newman
Sports Coordinator

Year 10 Vaccinations

A reminedr that Year 10's will recieve their meningococcal vaccine on Thursday 17th June. 
Consent forms can be picked up from the office, and need to be returned ASAP.

New Staff Profile - Meagan Stratford

Hi, my name is Meagan. I am the new Mental Health Practitioner at Wangaratta High School. You can find me at school in the Wellbeing Office every Monday and Tuesday, and alternative Wednesdays. 

I am a Wangaratta girl, but have only been back home for just over a year after spending some time in Bendigo and Geelong studying and working. 

On the weekends and after work you will find me spending time with my dog Zoe, exploring the local area with my husband, watching netball and footy, and spending time with my family and friends. Any chance I get I love to head down to Geelong to see friends and to spend time at the beach - even in Winter. 

I look forward to working at Wangaratta High School and getting to know you all. 


The Age Newspaper Digital Subscription

Our wonderful librarian Ms. Wyatt has organized a digital subscription to 'The Age' newspaper, available 24/7 for all WHS students, staff and parents/carers.

Please follow the below steps to access the digital subscription.


Step 1:
Head to the school website, and click the icon as circled.

Step 2:
You will be prompted to log in. Please use the below login details:
Email: (There is no need to use your own details when logging in - please use this login only).
Password: whs2021
Then press ‘Log In’

Step 3:
After you successfully log in, the ‘login successful’ screen will pop up. Click ‘OK’. You will then need to refresh the page.

Step 4:
After you refresh the page, you will see a new tab appear in the top right corner of the webpage, called “The Age”. Click on this.

Step 5:
You will be brought to “The Age Digital Subscription” webpage. Click on big The Age logo.

Step 6:
This will bring you to The Age Digital Subscription!

This is also available via the link here: 

If you have any further questions or are having trouble accessing, please do not hesitate to ring 03 5723 0500.

Recycle your Bread Tags!


Instead of throwing out your bread tags, bring them into school to help recycle them properly - all for a great cause!

Plasticwise Beechworth, in conjunction with Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, are collecting bread tags to recycle to fund wheelchairs to those in need in South Africa. What a great initiative for a fantastic outcome!

There will be a drop-off point at Cate West's office in the Senior Building, and the front office. 


From the Archives...

Wangaratta High School was established in 1909 as an Agricultural High School, and is the oldest secondary school in Wangaratta. The school has gone through many different changes over the last 111 years, both physically and culturally. We have a proud, rich history here at WHS and we endeavour to reflect on the past students, teachers, parents and community that made our school what it is today.

For the first instalment of “From the Archives”, we jump back 33 years to 1988, when the WHS Sports Centre was open – the same one that still stands today!

The Sports Centre was opened by the State Minister for Education at the time, Caroline Hogg. An assembly was held for the occasion, which was attended by PE staff, sports award winners and some PE students.
The Sports Centre was later named the "Bruce Revell Sports Centre", which honours Bruce "Chuck" Revell, who was a popular PE teacher at WHS throughout the 70's and 80's. 


Below is an extract from the 1988 yearbook, written by a past year 10 student, which details the excitement around the opening of the brand new Sports Centre.

“The new Sports Centre provides both students and PE teachers with new and better facilities. The Sports Centre itself contains the equipment for indoor basketball, indoor netball, indoor soccer and speedball. As well there are two higher decks, one for dancing, which is a great benefit to the dancers of this school whop previously had to use the hall which was difficult because it was practically always occupied. The second of the two higher levels comprises ‘home’ to the PE teachers’ office, and a weight training centre.”

“The weight centre is one of the most valuable assets of the Sports Centre. It is used by sport teams, especially the ski team who can build up their muscles, get fit and get together to train without having to spend money by going elsewhere.”

“My view is that the acquiring of the Sports Centre is the greatest purchase that WHS has made as it has provided us with new facilities which would not have been achievable with our former equipment and buildings. We can still do lots of sport even it its’ raining, which pleases me the most as it used to annoy me if we could not do PE because of the weather.”

Brad Schubert, 10F, 1988

The Sports Centre in modern day 2021!

Key Dates Term 2 2021

Wednesday 9th JuneCurriculum Day*POSTPONED TO TERM 3*
Monday 14th JuneQueen's Birthday Public Holiday 
15th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 24th JuneMorrisby InterviewsMore information to follow
21st - 25th JuneConcert Band Tour in BallaratMore information to follow
Friday 25th JuneLast Day of Term 2 

Community News

Railway Precinct Grand Opening

This free community event includes puppet making, weaving & giant games, as well as food stalls and live music. Uncle Dozer & Uncle Kevin will perform a Welcome to Country and didgeridoo performance with the Damanmu Bpangerang Dance Group at 6:15pm.
At 6:30pm, "The Beacon" artwork on the water tower will be lit for the first time, with an interactive display.
For more information, head to

National Volunteer Week 2021

Youth Climate Change Adaption Panel

This event will showcase some of the amazing work being done by young people in the Hume region to educate their communities and help them adapt to the impacts of climate change. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in climate change and sustainability. 
Sign up here:
For any further questions, email 

Mulwala Water Ski Clubs Got Talent - $5,000 Cash First Prize

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors for supporting our school and providing opportunities for our students.


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Our aim is to be the news and information destination for North East Victoria, by growing and developing print and digital products that serve our communities. Sponsorship and media support of communities and events are part of our business aims.




Butler’s Pantry Bakehouse is proud to call ourselves your local community bakery in Wangaratta. We’re locals to the area, and we’re so happy to call this our home. That’s why we love getting involved in the local community. Not only do we feed locals and visitors alike with delicious pies, wraps, hot food, rolls, cakes and specialty items, but we also support our local sports clubs. 

Another part of Wangaratta life that we love is helping out with fundraisers and pie drives. We’ve been a part of fundraising for schools, clubs and organisations for a long time, and we won’t be stopping any time soon. 

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