Newsletter 26th May

Issue 8


Principal Report Issue 8

SWPBS- School Wide Positive Behaviour System

The SWPBS Team has been busy this term working to revitalise our positive behaviour system. SWPBS comprises a broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important student social and learning outcomes, while also preventing problem behaviour among students.

SWPBS practices and interventions have been designed on a foundation of empirical evidence and have been demonstrated to be effective. SWPBS is not a packaged program with a set script; however, there are core components within the framework that should be implemented with fidelity to enable schools to maximise positive outcomes.

Introducing, modelling, and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important step of a student's educational experience. Teaching behavioural expectations and acknowledging students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding.

SWPBS is effectively a “wraparound” approach to developing safe and supportive learning environments. This approach is integral to the makeup and operational procedures of the SWPBS leadership teams and involves the input of a variety of stakeholders from the school, the communities and the families of students. Specific SWPBS lessons are taught in the Social and Personal Development Program throughout the school term.

We now have student representation on the SWPBS Team, and would like to invite a parent member to join us. Please contact John Paola if you would like to learn more about this and join the team.

Student Attitudes to School Survey (AtoS)

The student Attitudes to School Survey will be conducted over the next week. We value student voice as a means to improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction and are conducting this survey to find out what your child thinks of your school.

The AtoSS is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school.

This year, the survey also includes some questions about student health and wellbeing and student perceptions of COVID-19. Understanding health and wellbeing needs has always been important, but especially so this year, and the Department is providing this survey to allow schools to capture this information to support students. Students will be asked about their thoughts and feelings in relation to their school, family, friends, health (including mental health) and wellbeing, and bullying.

Michelle Bootes
Acting Principal

Date Change for Curriculum Day

A reminder that the Curriculum Day scheduled for Wednesday 2nd June has been changed to Wednesday 9th June. Students are not required to attend school on this day.
The date has been changed to align with the VCE GAT (General Achievement Test), so there is less disruption for our senior students.
Students are required to attend school on Wednesday 2nd June as normal.

Week 5 GOTCHA Champions & Term 1 Winners

Last week, we held assemblies in SPD for our Middle and Senior Schools respectively, to congratulate and award our overall GOTCHA Champions for Term 1. 
These students receieved the "Assistant Principal's Core Values" certificate, which is awarded to those who have accumulated the most GOTCHA's for continuously displaying the school's core values. 
Congratulations to the following:

Middle School: 
Assistant Principal Awards
  • Ryder Frankland (7A0
  • Zoe Taurega-Green (7A)
  • Callem Box-Corsini (7A)
  • Alicia Snowdon (8C)
  • Hannah Lockhart (9E)
  • Amy Griffiths (9E)
  • Sienna Box Corsini (9E)
  • Kalika Miliankos-King (9E)
  • Cope Swinburne (9E)
  • Edan Van Bergen (9E)
  • Siara Vearing (9E)

Assistant Principal Encouragement Awards
  • Adara Evans (7A)
  • Lachlan Barbour (9C)

Callem, Ryder, Alicia and Zoe recieving their awards at the Middle Years Assembly.

Senior School
Assistant Principal Awards
  • Ebony Albertson (10C)
  • Vasiliki (Vicki) Andronikou (11A)
  • Cassidy Hill (11B)
  • Simon Moffat (11B)

Assistant Principal Encouragement Awards
  • Daphe Allsop (10A)
  • Samantha Macdade (11B)

Vicki, Ebony, Daphne and Simon recieving their awards at the Senior School Assembly. 

Weekly GOTCHA Champions
Congratulations to our Week 4&5 GOTCHA Champions, who have each recieved a $5 WHS Canteen voucher for their positive behaviour. Well done all!

          Cameron Sgarioto                              Hayden Currie
                    Year 7                                            Year 8

            Reueben Smith                                  Lizzy Moffat
                  Year 9                                             Year 9

        Hayley Murphy-Graham                     Meg Bradburn
                  Year 11                                         Year 11

Year 7 Science

The Year 7's have been dissecting prawns as part of their unit on Classification.
They have learned about the key characteristics of groups of animals such as vertebrates and invertebrates. In this dissection they looked at the structural features of a prawn (invertebrate) and identified parts such as the exoskeleton, legs, antennae, digestive tract, internal organs and gills.
Here are a few snaps from Ms. Whatley's class.



Year 8 Boys Football

On Thursday 13th May, twenty-two of our Year 8 Boys got their 1st chance to pull on the School Football jumper, at the Upper Hume Football Carnival at the Barr Reserve.

In the opening match, the boys held their own for most of the tussle against Galen Catholic College, but were both outsized and outclassed, in the end going down 1.0.6 to 3.3.21.

Things clicked into gear in the second match against Marian College Myrtleford however, in drier conditions. The boys played tremendous team football, keeping Marian scoreless for the match, whilst piling on 10 goals themselves. Final score line was 10.4.64 to 0.0.0.

More of the same came in the 3rd match against Wodonga Middle Years College. Our boys again kept their opponents scoreless, in a 7.4.46 to 0.0.0 victory.

A number of outstanding individual players stood out on the day.

Tom Ford was a workhorse all day in the ruck, doing everything including winning his ruck contests, mopping up on the ground, taking marks and kicking goals. The way he went about things both on and off the field gained notice, and earmark him as a leader of future teams and the school.

Jed Marek, one of our Vice Captains, especially once moved forward, was brilliant. Whenever the ball came near him, he looked like scoring. He kicked 3 goals in the space of about 2 minutes against Marian, then got another 2 in the 1st minute of the Wodonga match, and if not for a couple of near misses would have finished with 7 goals. Classy and balanced, he has a knack for kicking a goal that reminds me of Stevie J Johnson and the way he used to play when he led his Wangaratta High School teams to 3 State Championships before being drafted to Geelong.

Noah Scholte, our Captain, impressed with his skill. His cleanness with his hands under pressure, his exceptional balance, and his exquisite skills by hand and foot, all raised eyebrows of onlookers across the day and brought back memories of some of the school’s most brilliant rovers such as Brad “Gooch” Miller and Jon “Hopper” McCormick. Football enthusiasts would have pinpointed him as the most skillful player at the carnival, and he may be one of the neatest footballers I’ve seen since come through the school’s gates.

Christian Ashworth, who enrolled with us just weeks prior, was arguably our most valuable player once he moved into the midfield. A tall midfielder with real pace, he continually won clearances, broke lines, and finished with 3 dashing goals. He could be a serious player in coming years.

Dylan Savage was terrific at full forward. His ability to read the drop of the ball before anyone else, mark everything that came in his area, and kick truly, made him a dangerous weapon all day. He collected 5 goals for the day, including 4 against Marian, and has the makings of a very good forward.

Jonah Massey-Chase was extremely reliable at full back, and kicked a goal when up forward. Like Dylan, he was able to read the ball in the air and take numerous marks to repel attacks. His toughness, physicality and skill made him inspirational.

Ned O’Kane, our other Vice Captain, at centre-half back was also outstanding. Patrolling his part of the ground like a quarterback, he picked off numerous balls both in the air and at ground level, and did it with a calmness and level of class that make him great to watch and another player to look out for in the future.

The team are to be congratulated for the way they represented the school all day. Both Mr Paola and I agreed they were the most talented Year 8 cohort we have seen at our school in many years, and also one of the most impressive groups of boys in terms of character, that we have ever taken to a School Football day. Thank you boys.


Goal Kickers: Jed Marek 5, Dylan Savage 5, Christian Ashworth 3, Keahn Driscoll 1, Tom Ford 1, Jonah Massey-Chase 1, Wirra Gilson 1, Ryan Porter 1.

Best Players: Tom Ford, Jed Marek, Noah Scholte, Christian Ashworth, Dylan Savage, Jonah Massey-Chase, Ned O’Kane.


Starting Line-Up:


Memphis Smith

Jonah Massey-Chase

Zack Fordham


Hayden Currie

Ned O’Kane (VC)

Cale Castens-Hall


Lachlan Suffield

Keahn Driscoll

Luke Griffiths


Christian Ashworth

Jack Preston

Wirra Gilson


Ryan Porter

Dylan Savage

Liam Delaney


Tom Ford

Jed Marek (VC)

Noah Scholte (C)


Ryley Downing

Kayden Harrison

Daniel Hammond


Judd Rumbelow


Year 9&10 Boys Football

Our Intermediate (Years 9 and 10) Boys Football team played in the Upper Hume Interschool Carnival last Thursday 18th May, giving the boys their first chance to wear the jumper for two years.

First up they faced Cathedral College Wangaratta, who were too good and outgunned them by 6 goals.

Next up came Victory Lutheran College Wodonga, in an even match which could have gone either way until late in the piece where Victory’s standout player put through a couple of brilliant goals to ice it over. 

The final match against Wodonga Middle Years College was the one that got away. Our boys had them on toast for most of the contest and looked like taking the lead late, before a goal was saved on the line and then ran down the ground for their matchwinner.

A number of boys stood across the carnival.

Glenn Gratton, our Vice Captain, was our best player all day. Playing center half back, he won the ball most times it came into his area, and began numerous forward attacks. He was hard at the ball, hard at the man, and his courageous, fearless bullocking through and under packs, combined with a high level of skill and class, was inspirational.

Todd Rufford-Sharpe, particularly when moved to the midfield for the latter two matches, was our next best. “Ruff” was dangerous in all situations, whether in the air taking marks, or at ground level and going for dashing runs, and there wouldn’t have been a better Year 9 player than him on the day. With his height, speed, athleticism, bravery, good hands and skill, he is an X-factor and genuine talent.

Josh Brown was our other standout Year 10 player. Particularly when posted at full back, he was exceptional and extremely reliable. He used his size, strength and judgement to take numerous marks on the last line of defense, then sliced his way through packs of opponents with apparent ease, as everything around him seemed to be moving in slow motion. An excellent key position backman to watch.

Lachlan Barbour, another of our talented Year 9s, was brilliant especially around goals. He kicked our first goal with a wonderful running goal from the boundary after spinning through a tackle, and got 2 more to finish with 3 for the day. Showing tremendous balance, clean hands, and lovely foot skills, he was our classiest player and the purest footballer to watch for a footy enthusiast.

Kye Williams was another of our talented Year 9s to excel. Sitting on a forward flank and wing, he was clean with his hands and was able to evade tackles, run around opponents, and hit the scoreboard.

Clancy Ellett, also a Year 9, played as our rover and was exceptional. Despite not being match fit due to a long recovery from a foot injury, Clancy’s skill and class made him a key player. His football smarts, ability to read the play especially off a pack or ruck contest, and his cat-like reflexes at ground level and in close, were a real highlight. Another footballer who makes you nod in appreciation every time he touches the ball.

Special thank you to our captain Acadian Vearing for leading the team admirably all day. Thanks to all of the boys who represented the school, for participating hard, and for your high level of sportsmanship throughout the day.


Goals: Lachlan Barbour 3, Cash McCormack 1, Connor O’Brien 1, Kye Williams 1.

Best Players: Glenn Gratton, Todd Rufford-Sharpe, Josh Brown, Lachlan Barbour, Kye Williams, Clancy Ellett.


Starting Line-Up


Brandon Harrison

Mason Espejo

Jack McGowan


Will Carmody

Glenn Gratton (VC)

Acadian Vearing (C)


Todd Rufford-Sharpe

Josh Brown

Connor O’Brien


Lachlan Barbour

Josh Sessions

Kye Williams


Cash McCormack

Michael Sayers

Darcy Allen


Cope Swinburne

Liam Roberts

Clancy Ellett


Darcy Stone

Matt Hayes

Eden Van Bergen


Austin Sacco


Year 9 CLC Healthy Eating

On Wednesday 26th May, the office staff were delighted to have some CLC students ask if they would like to purchase a serving of pumpkin soup for lunch!
The CLC Program was provided with a $600 grant to help promote health eating. The group made a healthy pumpkin soup, served with wholegrain bread - and reports from all accounts say that it was delicious! Well done to the CLC Program. 
Pictured below is Michael Moroney, and Jodie Bell, Amy Waide and Kylie Fountain enjoying their delicious hot soup! 

Blitz on Hoodies

Wangaratta High School uniform dress code reinforces student pride in their own appearance, assists in representing the school, and instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the Wangaratta High School Community.

Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of a dress code.

We are continuing to see some students wearing hoodies during school hours.
Hoodies do not adhere to our uniform policy, and students are again reminded that anyone found wearing a hoodie will be asked to remove it. Failure to comply with this rule will result in consequences.

Our uniforms are available to purchase from Worklocker Wangaratta in Murphy Street. Second hand uniforms are available at the school for any families experiencing financial hardship. Please contact Wellbeing on 5723 0500 for more information.

Attitude to Schools Student Survey

The Attitudes to School survey is an annual survey, for students Year 7 to 12, that provides data to support student wellbeing and engagement, school improvement and planning in schools. The survey captures students’ attitudes and experiences at school and is aligned with the Department Frameworks for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO). The survey measures are based on the best available evidence about what influences student outcomes.
This survey was due to start this Monday, but due to internet problems we have had to potspone this until next Monday 31st May, and will run until Friday 4th June. 
Please see below the parent/guardian information and consent letter. 

VCE GAT (General Achievement Test)

The GAT (General Achievement Test) will be held on Wednesday 9th June, from 10am - 1:15pm. 
All students enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET unit 3 and 4 sequences must sit the GAT.
As this now falls on Curriculum Day (Student Free Day), students will need to attend school to complete the GAT. You are not required to stay the whole day.

Safer Cycling Corridor - Phillipson Street

Starting in the next few weeks, Regional Roads Victoria will be constructing a cycling corridor along Phillipson Stret, to improve the safety of cyclists. 
The implementation of painted buffer zones, bollards, rumble strips, green coloured pavement and line marking will be constructed to promote greater protection for vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists.
This work will be taking place from early June (weather dependant), with works expected to be completed by early July 2021. 
Please be mindful of these works when arriving and departing the school on Phillipson Street. 
Please see below for more information.

Key Dates Term 2 2021

Wednesday 9th JuneCurriculum Day*POSTPONED TO TERM 3*
Monday 14th JuneQueen's Birthday Public Holiday 
15th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 24th JuneMorrisby InterviewsMore information to follow
21st - 25th JuneConcert Band Tour in BallaratMore information to follow
Friday 25th JuneLast Day of Term 2 

Community News

Wangaratta MyTime

Warhammer Game Night

Marmungun Rock Ceremony

Key Word Sign Training

Accessible Drumming Sessions

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors for supporting our school and providing opportunities for our students.


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