Newsletter 15th September

Issue 15


Principal Report

As you would be aware, we have again been working through the process for selecting an Executive Principal of Wangaratta High School.  I would like to inform you that, unfortunately, there has yet again been a ‘no appointment’ through the selection process. Whilst I understand that this is a disappointing outcome, it does provide us with another opportunity to re-advertise and attract the best possible candidate for the school early in term 4.  We will continue to work tirelessly with the School Council to ensure we make the best appointment for the school that we possibly can. I have agreed to continue in the Principal role for Term 4 while we commence another selection process.

We have been successful in staffing Hands-on Learning, and welcome Greg Keane, who will commence work in Term 4. We have farewelled Hannah Rees from the school, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for her contributions at Wangaratta High School. We wish Hannah all the best for the future. We have been successful in attracting two Teach for Australia Associates for 2022: One to teach Physics/Maths and the other will teach English/Media.

Congratulations on making it through to the final days of what has been a long and challenging Term 3.  As the term has progressed it has been wonderful to see many success stories and evidence of some students thriving during Flexible and Remote Learning.  As a school we have seen both ends of the scale, with those students thriving and those who have struggled, often through no fault of their own, to maintain their learning.  We have welcomed back our Year 12 students to onsite learning, as they prepare for their VCE exams or finalising their VCAL work requirements. We hope that all students will be able to return to onsite learning in Term 4, but we wait for news of reduction in COVID cases and the easing of lock down restrictions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students across all Year Levels for their efforts to continue learning during these unusual times.  We have seen through this experience that you are capable, resilient and most of all prepared to adapt, be agile and try new things. Be proud of what you have achieved.

Thank you to the many parents and carers who have actively supported student learning, sometimes whilst also trying to juggle your own workload.  Your support has been invaluable, and we look forward to that continuing in Term 4 as we navigate the challenges of hopefully a return to onsite onsite learning.

Finally, to our staff team. A team that has had to learn and adapt throughout flexible and remote learning. Thank you for your commitment to our students, including the endless hours of communicating with our students and parents and the huge amount of screen time to ensure students are learning and connecting. Your work often happens quietly in the background but over FRL 6.0 you have achieved amazing things, thank you.

Term 4 resumes on Monday, 4th October. The school community will be notified through COMPASS email and Facebook should it be announced during the holidays when we will return to face-to-face learning.

Students, parents, carers and staff, may you all find some down time over the break. Stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards,
Michelle Bootes

Welcome back Year 12's

Our Year 12's were delighted to hear the news last week that they were able to return to onsite learning from Friday 10th September. 
As a welcome back, 'pick-me-up' gift, each and every year 12 student was given a $50 voucher from either Kmart or Target, and a personalised, hand-written postcard from Year 12 Coordinators Ms Foreman and Ms Whatley. 
The vouchers were provided through the Foundation for Rural and regional Renewal (FRRR) back to School national program.
Year 12's completing VCE (and any Year 11's completing a Unit 3/4) will sit the GAT on Tuesday 5th October, with a majority sitting their first exam, English, on Wednesday 27th October. 

Executive Principal Appointment Announcement

Dear Parents/Carers/Guardians,

As you would be aware, we have again been working through the process for selecting the new principal of Wangaratta High School.  I write to inform you that, unfortunately, there has yet again been a ‘no appointment’ as a result of the selection process.

Whilst I understand that this is a disappointing outcome, it does provide us with another opportunity to re-advertise and attract the best possible candidate for the school.  We will continue to work tirelessly with the school council to ensure we make the best appointment for the school that we possibly can.

I have liaised with Michelle Bootes, acting principal, regarding this outcome and she has agreed to continue in the principal role for Term 4 while we commence another selection process. I thank Michelle and the leadership team for their commitment and leadership throughout this term so far.

Once we have more information regarding the next selection process, I will ask Alby Freijah (Senior Education Improvement Leader) to communicate this with the school council, staff and wider school community.


Deb Fisher

School Council President

River of Stories Writing Competition Runner Up - Clara Rocchioccioli

Year 7 Student Clara Rocchioccioli has come Runner Up in the River Stories Award Compeition, which is a creative writing competition for Primary and Secondary school students who reside in the Albury Wodonga region. 
Clara initlaly made it in to the final 30 entrants in the short story category for older students (Years 7 & 8). 
A COVID-safe awards ceremony was held last night via Zoom, and we are pleased to announce that Clara was awarded Runner's Up in her respective category. Clara will take home a $50 book voucher, and says she is "really please and is going to enter next year - it was lots of fun".
Fantastic work Clara, and congratulations!
Below is Clara's award-winning story.

"The Story' - Clara Rocchioccioli


The day started off normally.  I woke up and called out to Room Service. “Good morning, Aleka,” Room Service said in its cool, pleasant voice. “What can I do for you today?”

“Pass the e-reader, Room Service”, I commanded.  A drawer slid open next to me with my new e-reader sitting in it.  A TechBook 74.  The best of the best.  The one everyone was talking about. I’d gone to the e-library yesterday and swiped ten books onto it.  I tapped on the first book.  The Cursed Book by Mario Kart. It was about someone who finds an old book- an actual paper book- but a virus on its cover ends up infecting everyone.

I was not to read this e-book today.  A message in red flashed onto the e-reader’s screen.


I’d checked! The e-book said it was compatible with newer e-readers! Ah well, I had nine other e-books to read.

But the same message appeared every time.

It’s got a virus, I thought. Brand new, state-of-the-art and all! I ran down the escalator to the kitchen.

“Mum, I need to take my e-reader back to the shop,” I said. “They’ve sold us a bugged one, can you believe it?”

“Alright,” Mum sighed. “You can take the single person pod.”

When I arrived at the tech store, I saw there was a long queue outside and a sign stuck in the window.

Product recall: TechBook74 Error.  We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Great. I was going to be waiting a while.

I turned and wandered down an old laneway.  The walls were made of brick instead of fiberglass and plastered with anti-tech stickers and graffiti. It looked like the Gaming Faction (devoted to destroying the germy, fragile paper books) didn’t come here often.  It was peaceful, in an odd way.  I sat down with my back against the wall and folded my hands behind my head.  As I did, something brushed against my hand.  Curious, I turned and looked at what I’d felt.  It was a raised image of a paper book.  I prodded it, hard.  There was a click and part of the wall slid aside. It was a door! I stepped into the space beyond the door. A corridor.

The door shut behind me with a loud thud, making me jump. My palms were getting sweaty. I was torn. It would only be a quick look…

 The corridor ended at another door.  I hesitantly opened it and stepped into a massive room.  There was a strange, musty smell in the air that made me feel like whispering. The room was filled with shelves and on those shelves were….


Paper books. 

I’d stumbled upon a secret library.

Some crazy impulse made me go forward, walking like in a dream among the shelves. I reached out and trailed my finger down the dusty spine of one of the books, then pulled it from the shelf.  The cover, protected by a layer of plastic, was smooth under my fingers.  It smelled like magic and secrets.  I opened the book, and it was like stepping into a new world.  I read and read and read. Sadly, I realized it was getting late. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” I promised the library and turned and ran, auto lights fading out behind me as I left. 



“Sorry, gotta go, bye!” Aleka yelled as she ran out the door, blonde hair bobbing around her ears.  This is how every day had gone for a week, with Aleka leaving early and returning late.

“I don’t get what’s with this new behaviour, do you, Thorn?” Mum said from behind her news-pad. The screen’s glow cast an eerie light on her face.  I nodded. “Got to get to work early today,” I said absently, grabbing my bag and heading out the door.  I heard Mum’s murmur of “like sister, like brother,” as I stepped outside. 

I hopped into my pod and activated voice control.  Gliding down the street, I saw Aleka’s pod turn the corner. Suspicious, I followed her. Aleka stopped near the tech shop. Waiting a second before parking my pod, I stepped out and followed Aleka down a scruffy laneway. I ducked behind a dilapidated bin and watched her. 

Aleka bent down and poked something.  The wall slid open like a door, and she slipped inside.

I quickly found what Aleka had pressed; it was a button in the shape of a book.  A paper book. 

I groaned and held my head in my hands. I knew protocol.  If my sister was mixed up in illegal stuff, I was duty-bound as a member of the Gaming Faction to report her. I pressed the button and stepped into a corridor.

At the end of the corridor, I peeked around a door which had been left ajar.  My worst fears were confirmed.

Aleka had found a library.

Aleka was reading a book.

I stormed into the library and snatched the book from her hands. “Thorn?” Aleka gasped. 

“You have to forget about this place! None of this…” I waved my hand at the library around us, “none of this ever existed. If you come back here again, I will not hesitate to report you to the Gaming Faction.” I grabbed my foolish little sister by the wrist and tugged her towards the door. But the weight of the book she’d been reading was still heavy in my hand and seemed to comfort me. It swept away all my doubts. I opened the book and its delicate scent drew me in. I felt the subtle roughness of its pages. I couldn’t help but start reading, and the story swept me away…

“Uh… Thorn?” Aleka’s voice snapped me out of my trance. I smiled.








Year 12 Vaccination Blitz

Important information regarding vaccinations for students aged 16 and over. As part of the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, all students aged 16 years and above are now eligible to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

To help support your safety, the safety of the community and the safe conduct of end-of-year exams, the Victorian Government has announced a vaccination blitz for final year students (all VCE Units 3/4 students, final year VCAL and IB students). 

From Tuesday 7 September and until Thursday 17 September, final year students will have access to priority time slots to attend their vaccination appointment at a vaccination centre.
Getting vaccinated is the best way you can protect yourself, your family and our school community from further outbreaks and the spread of COVID-19.
You can book your first and second dose appointments via a dedicated booking hotline from 8am on Monday, 6 September.
The hotline will operate from 8am - 8pm. The hotline number is 1800 434 144.
It will provide a fast booking process and minimise absence for you during school hours. 
  • Year 12 students will be able to book from 8am Monday 6 September.
  • Other Unit 3/4 students can book from 8am Wednesday 8 September. The hotline number is 1800 434 144.
There is enough vaccine supply for all eligible students. There is no need to rush to call the booking hotline on Monday when it opens. Please be patient as there may be long wait times.
Students sitting the GAT are encouraged to book in for your first dose before the GAT on 5 October. However, it is recommended you don’t get your first vaccine on the day of an exam, or the day before an exam to avoid feeling common but mild side effects such as tiredness, headache, muscle pain, fever and chills and/or joint pain during your exam.
Please discuss your vaccination with your parent/guardian or carer and with your teachers to plan your absence and minimise disruption to your learning if your absence is during school hours.

You can book your own appointment and consent to vaccination yourself if a health professional assesses you to be a mature minor. That is that the health professional assesses that you understand the information relevant to the decision to be vaccinated and the effect of that decision.

What to bring
Please bring these things to your appointment:

*Please note that children aged 12 and over are now also eligible to receive their COVID vaccine, just not under the priority time slots. 

Michelle Bootes
Acting Principal

General Achievement Test (GAT)

Important rescheduling information regarding the GAT. The General Achievement Test (GAT) has been rescheduled to Tuesday 5th October.

Weekly GOTCHA Champions

Congratulations to the following students for accumulating the most GOTCHA's for Week 7 & 8 respectively, of Term 3;

Week 4:
• Merlin Tzaros (Year 7)
• Tully Dwyer (Year 10)
• Abbey Dunstan (Year 11)
Week 5:
• Hamish Tanner (Year 7)
• Shalimar Cole (Year 10)
• Denver Robles (Year 11)

These 6 legends will each receive a $5 canteen voucher for their positive behaviour.
Keep up the great work everyone!

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPBS) Wall

Thanks to our friends at Sign Efffects Wangaratta, our vision of a SWPBS (School-Wide Positive Behaviour System) acknowledgement wall has come to life.
SWPBS is an evidence-based framework for preventing and responding to behaviours in schools. It aims to create a positive school climate, a culture of student competence and an open, responsive management system for school leaders, staff, students, parents and carers.
SWPBS includes intervention practices and organizational systems for establishing positive school cultures, learning and teaching environments and the individual behaviour supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all students.
Students can receive 'GOTCHA's' for displaying positive behaviour at school, and exemplifying the school values - Personal Best, Ready to Learn, Respect and Safe.
At the end of each school term, we will be recognizing both the individual student and SPD class of each year level who accumulates the most GOTCHA's. 

Term 3 GOTCHA Champions:
Year 7: Abby James
Year 8: Euca Boonzaayer
Year 9: Wil Carmody
Year 10: Tamara Scott
Year 11: Charlotte Phillips
Year 12: Hayley Hayes-Rodgers

Term 3 SPD Champions:
• 7B
• 8F
• 9B
• 10E
• 11A
• 12B

Congratulations and well done to all students who continue to show a positive attitude at school!

Year 8 Science

Ms Lang's Year 8 Science class has been working hard the last few weeks investiating the sexual reproduction of plants by doing flower dissections. Take a look at their work below;

Key Dates Term 4 2021

Important dates for the last term of the year.
Monday 4th OctoberFirst Day Term 4*COVID-19 Dependant. 
Monday 4th OctoberVCE Examination period begins. 
Tuesday 5th OctoberGeneral Achievement Test (GAT)Unit 3/4 students. *COVID-19 Dependant. 
Tuesday 19th OctoberLast Day Year 12 Classes 
Wednesday 20th OctoberYear 12 Celebration Morning 
Thursday 28th OctoberDirrawarra Proud & Deadly Awards (Online)
Thursday 28th OctoberYear 7 Immunisations* Postponed to November 18th.
Tuesday 2nd NovemberMelbourne Cup Public HolidayPublic Holiday
Wednesday 17th NovemberVCE Examination period ends 
Wednesday 17th NovemberEnd of Year Concert*COVID-19 dependant
Thursday 18th NovemberYear 7 Immunisations*NEW DATE
Friday 19th NovemberYear 12 GraduationTickets on sale from the front office.  
Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th NovemberYear 9 SEAL, 10, 11 Exams. 
Monday 29th November - Monday 3rd DecemberStep-Up Week for 2022 Year 11's and 12's.  
Friday 3rd DecemberLast Day of Term 4 for Years 10 & 11.  
Monday 5th - Friday 10th DecemberYear 7 2022 Transition Week*COVID-19 dependant
Wednesday 15th December2021 End of Year Awards night*COVID-19 dependant.
Thursday 16th DecemberATAR's released 
Friday 17th DecemberLast Day of Term 4 for Years 7, 8 & 9. 

End of Term - Early Finish

Friday 17th September is the last day for Term 3. 
School and classes will finish at 2:30pm.
For bus travelling students on-site, buses will ran as normal, an hour early.

Safe Cyclining Corridor Works - Phillipson Street

Regional Roads Victoria Hume is lanning to begin works next week on Safer Cycling Corridor improvements on Phillipson Street.

Suring the works, temporary lane closures may be required at times and speed restrictions will be in place. There may be minor traffic delays. 

Please see the below fact sheet for more information. 

Yearbook Expression of Interest

Wangaratta High School produces a "Yearbook" at the end of each year, and is avaliable to all staff and students to purchase.

The Yearbook fee will appear on your statement, unless you have specifically spoken to our Finance team to ask it to be taken off. 

So we can gather a rough estimate of how many yearbooks to order at the end of the year, we are kindly asking that if you do wish to recieve a 2021 yearbook, to please have your allocated yearbook fee to be paid by the last week of Term 3. The yearbook fee is $22. 

Please note that it is not compulsory to recieve a yearbook. If you and your family do not wish to recieve one, please notify our front office on 03 5723 0500 to have this fee taken off your statement.

If you have any photo's from throughout the year so far, we are trying to collate as many as possible to make this the best yearbook yet!
We are looking for any photo's to do with Wangaratta High School - photos from events, assemblies, artwork, achievements - if you have any that you think might be 'yearbook worthy', please bring them in on a hard-drive to Briony (Media/Events Coordinator) in the front office.

Community News

W&DCA Junior Muster Day

Photography Competition

Youth Council Random ACts of Kindness Project

As part of its Random Acts of Kindness Project, the Wangaratta Youth Council is inviting community members to nominate a young person for a Pick Me Up Pack. 

Go to the online form to nominate a young person between the ages of 12-25 for a pack designed to brighten their day!

Be quick - nominations close on October 3. 

Please spread the word!

Look out for more random acts in the coming weeks!

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors for supporting our school and providing opportunities for our students.


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