Our Mission 
Our mission is to build a positive culture of learning and teaching across our school community. 


SPD Teachers
Every student at Wangaratta High School is placed with a SPD Group and SPD teacher. SPD teachers meet twice weekly with students for the Social and Personal Development Program, and are your child’s first point of contact if they are experiencing any problems. SPD teachers will be able to talk with the student and ascertain if the problem or query needs to be addressed further.

Wellbeing Team
The School’s Wellbeing Team is available to students from all levels, to offer assistance with any difficulties they may be experiencing. At all times the information of both parents and students is treated confidentially.


Practical information as well as referral to community support and specialists can be provided. Students may contact the Wellbeing Team personally at the Wellbeing Centre or via their Mentor Teacher.


Mrs Bootes

Acting Principal

Mrs Higgins

Leading Teacher

Louisa Hayes

Social Worker

Amitpal Kaur

School Counsellor

Shannon Treacy

School Nurse

Meagan Stratford

Mental Health Practioner




Acting Principal - Michelle Bootes

Michelle has student engagement and wellbeing in her portfolio and leads the Wellbeing Team. Michelle often works with outside support services to facilitate a “team around the child” approach to student wellbeing. 


Leading Teacher Student Engagement & Wellbeing- Lyn Higgins

Lyn coordinates case management, facilitates wellbeing programs and builds relationships between the Wellbeing Team and the school community. Lyn can assist students and families to access the Wellbeing Team through referral. She can also assist students and families to access outside support agencies.


Student Counsellor—Louisa Hayes

Louisa has a Diploma in Community Welfare and has worked in the welfare field for the last 15 years. Louisa’s training and practice includes Family Violence, Mental Health, ASIST, Risk Assessment, Trauma Informed Practice and Child/Adolescent Development. Louisa is available to support both students and families and can refer to relevant support services within the community. Louisa is able to access schooling needs including uniforms and prescription glasses for families who are experiencing financial hardship.


Student Counsellor– Amitpal Kaur

Amitpal has a Masters in Counselling and a Masters of Psychology and is a registered student counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. Her specialisation is working with adolescents and she has a lot of experience counselling in school settings. She is available to see students on an individual basis and to assist with referral to outside agencies as needed.


School Nurse – Shannon Treacy

Shannon is a qualified Registered Nurse provided to the School by the Department of Human Services. The purpose of the Secondary School Nursing Program is to support health promotion and primary prevention strategies within the school community and to reduce risk-taking behaviours for our students. Shannon is at the school two days a week and is available for individual student and family support.


Mental Health Practioner - Meagan Stratford

Meagan is our new Mental Health Practioner, and her full-time role is shared between WHS and Benalla P-12 Secondary School. Meagan's role includes providing direct counselling support serices for individual students identified as at-risk, coorindating supports for students with critical needs, and enhacing mental health promotion and prevention activities in the school. Meagan is avaliable for support on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 


Please contact the school on 03 5723 0500 wangaratta.hs@education.vic.gov.au for further information.