Senior Years

Our Senior Year students study a personalised learning program with a broad range of subjects that provide strong pathways options into any desired career or employment. 


The School offers a wide range of support to VCE students during their important

final years of study. These include:


Senior School Leader: Lesley Forman

Year 12 Coordinator: Meg Whatley  

Year 11 Coordinator: Karen Mascas


Careers and Senior Pathways Leader: Libby Walters 

Careers Practioner: Cate West


Specialist subject teachers - to provide specialised knowledge and support for students

Homeroom teachers - these teachers have regular contact with VCE students and are available to counsel and advise 

Teacher-librarians - to provide specialist knowledge of library resources and research techniques, programs and equipment 

VCE centre - this is a designated study space that VCE students have access to during and after school hours

Every student is part of a mentor group, made up of 20-25 students. Each mentor group has a mentor teacher who is responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships with students and parents.  

Wellbeing: for additional support during the last two years of students high school, we encourage students to speak to our Welbeing team - Wellbeing (


Senior Years Course Structure

Wangaratta High School provides a broad range of opportunities for all students in the Senior Years. Students select their course based on their potential vocational pathway from the following course options:

Wangaratta High School offers the widest variety of subjects for study at VCE level in North-East Victoria and is committed to assisting our VCE students to develop effective study routines, strategies and skills as they undertake their final years of secondary school.


Senior Years Information Booklet 2023


Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET is hands-on education that directly relates to getting a job. This could be related to:

  • VET Certificate Community Services

  • VET Music Industry

  • VET Sport Recreation 

VET is not a senior secondary certificate. Instead, your child can study VET units within VCE or VCAL. Some units give credit towards a nationally recognised VET certificate. Read more about VET in the VCE and VCAL.


Your child can also study VET subjects through:

  • pre-apprenticeship programs, these are stepping stone to start working in a certain industry
  • school-based apprenticeships and traineeships. These programs combine work, training and study at school. Your child is a student and employee at the same time
  • workplace learning programs. This can include work experience (observing people in a workplace) and structured workplace learning (learning the skills needed at the workplace)

For videos relating to all VET subjects please see here



Please order your books here:

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Year 11 2023 Booklist
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