Wangaratta High School is one of over 38 government schools who have approval to run the Select Entry and Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program.


The SEAL Program is an innovative program for highly able students and has been running successfully at Wangaratta High School for a number of years. The program has attracted some of the brightest regional students who move through sections of the Year 7-9 curriculum at a faster pace in a separate class group. The SEAL Program provides these students with the opportunity to work with like-minded peers and prepares them for broader, more intensive Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) studies and/or University Extension units in their senior years.


The SEAL Program specifically caters for students who enjoy a challenge and are capable of performing above the expected level for their age. Many of these students are gifted. The program is most suited to students who are strong across a range of subject areas in primary school, not just one subject. The curriculum is differentiated specifically for highly able students, it moves at a faster pace, involves less repetition and has greater breadth and depth than the mainstream Year 7-9 curriculum.


Second class now available!

Due to increased demand and enrolments we now have two classes. This means that there are additional opportunities for us to consider applications from Year 6 students moving into Year 7 in 2023.


Full information about our SEAL Program is available in the link below:

Wangaratta High School SEAL Program Brochure 


Discuss your child's abilities and their suitability for the SEAL program with your child's current and/or past
teacher(s) and/or Principal and if you decide to apply you will need to complete the following:

Complete the Application and Parent Nomination Form and return to:
SEAL Program Coordinator
Wangaratta High School
PO Box 235
Wangaratta 3677


Testing Day

A date will later be confirmed. In the interim, you can purchase practice tests on Edutest via this link: 


For further information about Edutest scholarship testing visit their website:


Questions & Enquiries

If you have questions or require further information, please contact our SEAL Coordinator, Meryl Herman on 03 5723 0500 or wangaratta,