Koorie Academy of Excellence

The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (VAEAI) in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) runs the Koorie Academy of Excellence (KAE) to support Indigenous secondary students to build their aspirations to remain engaged and excel in their education, complete Year 12 and pursue a study / career pathway of their choice. It is about encouraging its members to be excited about their future, be confident in their choices and be culturally strong. We want our students to dream big!


KAE members are exposed to a broad range of leadership, cultural, career, academic and social activities that are designed to get them thinking about what they are good at, what they enjoy and what they aspire to. In addition to group activities, support will be provided by a KAE liaison officer. Through activities and regular conversations, it is hoped that Academy members will realise their potential and their unlimited ability to achieve.


For more information please contact the North East Ovens Murray liaison officers Nicholas Ingram 0436 851 132 or nicholas.ingram@education.vic.gov.au and Brandon Ryan on 0436847360 or brandon.ryan@education.vic.gov.au