Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

This certificate:

  • shows your child has finished their secondary education
  • is often used to move on to study at university or TAFE
  • is recognised internationally.

VCE Subjects and Structure

Most subjects are made up of four units which your child studies over two years (one unit per semester):

  • Units 1/2 are usually studied in year 11. They can be studied as single units and don't need to be in a certain order
  • Units 3/4 are usually studied in year 12. They must be studied in a certain order (called a sequence) within the same year

Students usually choose between 20 to 24 units over two years, but they can take as long as they need to complete VCE. If your child needs longer than two years to complete VCE, please contact the school. Wangaratta High School also offers VCE units from Year 10.


Read the VCE information at Youth Central for advice on how your child should choose their VCE subjects.


Study designs for each subject can be found on the VCAA website


Wangaratta High School Senior Years Information Booklet 2022


Wangaratta High School VCE Subjects 2022


English Mathematics Science Humanities
Foundation English (Unit 1 & 2) Foundation Mathematics (Unit 1 & 2) Biology

Ancient History

English Further Mathematics (Unit 3 & 4) Chemistry Business Management
Literature (Unit 1 & 2) General Mathematics (Unit 1 & 2) Physics Legal Studies
English Language Specialist Mathematics Psychology History
  Mathematical Methods    


The Arts/ Performing Arts


Health/ PE





Drama (Unit 1 & 2) Health & Human Development Food Studies (Unit 1 & 2) Italian
Media Studies Outdoor & Environmental Studies Product Design & Technology Wood or Textiles  
Music Performance Physical Education Systems Engineering  
Studio Art      
Visual Communication      


To graduate VCE:
  1. Your child must satisfactory complete at least 16 VCE units
  2. Three of the units must be in the English subject group
  3. At least one of the English units must also be at unit 3/4 level
  4. Your child must also satisfactory complete at least three other unit 3/4 sequences

Each unit has outcomes which describe what students are expected to know and be able to do. Your child needs to demonstrate the outcomes to satisfactorily complete the unit.


VCE units are assessed through classroom activities and exams (in Year 12). Exams are marked by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.


When graduating VCE, your child will receive a VCE study score for each subject and an overall ATAR score if they've applied to University.



Wangaratta High School DUX's


Year Student Score
2020 Charlotte Mullens 95.4
2019 Alice Townsend 98.3
2018 Elinor Howe 95.9
2017 Samuel McLean 97.25
2016 Yakub Garret 99.0
2015 Stella Webster 98.9
2014 Katelyn O'Meara 98.85
2013 Tait Bonito  97.55
2011 Rosie Lane  
2008 J. Elliot  
2007 L. Watkins  
2006 L. Watkins  
2005 H. Watkins & S. Findlay  
2004 R. Holgate  
2003 L. Smith  
2002 T. Hartwig  
2001 L. Smith  
2000 M. Ashmead