Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

VCAL is an option with a more hands-on style of learning. It focuses on:

  • work-related experience
  • literacy and numeracy skills for jobs
  • building personal skills that are important for work

After finishing VCAL, your child can:

  • transfer to VCE studies
  • study at TAFE
  • start an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • start a job

VCAL is also offered at some TAFEs and Learn Local organisations. This is an option if your child wants to leave school early.


VCAL Coordinator: Michelle Wilson


VCAL Subjects and Structure

Students choose units from four compulsory strands:

  1. Literacy and numeracy skills
  2. Industry-specific skills
  3. Work related skills (to make students employable)
  4. Personal development skills (like teamwork and self-confidence)

There are three ability levels to study VCAL: foundation, intermediate or senior. Students start at the level that matches their abilities. VCAL is quite flexible. Students will design a study program based on their interests or the jobs they want to pursue.


PLEASE NOTE: For students to be successful in an Intermediate and/or Senior level VCAL, they must have either a VET subject or a School Based Apprenticeship (SBA) and work placement one day a week.


Some units in VCAL are also VCE units. If your child transfers to VCE later, they'll receive credit for these units. Most VCAL students finish the program in one year.


Wangaratta High School Senior Years Information Booklet 2022


Wangaratta High School VCAL Subjects 2021

English Mathematics Humanities Health/PE
VCAL Literacy VCAL Numeracy VCAL Work Related Skills VCAL Personal Development



If your child successfully completes their learning program they'll receive a VCAL certificate. The certificate is for the ability level they studied: foundation, intermediate or senior. They also receive a statement of results, including any VCE and VET units studied.