Travel to School

Student Conveyance Allowance

The Student Conveyance Program ensures that schools support eligible families to receive financial assistance with the cost of transporting students to and from school where the student:

  • lives in rural and regional Victoria and attends their nearest appropriate school/campus, or
  • attends an eligible specialist school

The conveyance allowance is a contribution towards transport costs and is not intended to cover the full cost of transporting children to and from school.


The conveyance allowance may be available to students attending government or non-government schools who:

  • travel by public transport or by private car, motorbike, bicycle or bus, and
  • whose nearest school is not serviced by a free school bus provided under the School Bus Program

There are four claim periods with each period corresponding to one of the 4 terms of the school year.


In the township of Wangaratta, if the student lives more than 4.8kms from the school, they can be eligible for free bus travel on the Fallons town bus.


Application forms are available here or from the general office.


More information can be found at the Department of Education website.


Please contact Barb Patterson on 03 5723 0500 or for more information.

School Buses

Students who attend Wangaratta High School are supported to catch a bus to school to minimise traffic around the school and to encourage sustainable transport.


Government School Bus/Fare Based Bus

Cost Vary on eligibility


Students attending their nearest school and living 4.8km or more from the school


Complete and return Form 1: Application for Permission to Travel — Eligible Students


Town Bus

Cost Free


Students attending their nearest school and living 4.8km or more from the school


Complete and return Form 3: Conveyance Allowance application - Public transport travel only


Fare Based Town Bus

Cost Variable

Eligibility None


Contact Fallons Wangaratta on 03 5722 9255 for information on bus stops, times and cost


More information 


Please call Amy Waide, our Bus Coordinator on 03 5723 0519 or go to


Riding and Walking to School


We encourage students to walk and cycle to school to increase their physical activity and prepare them for the day.


We have lots of bike racks onsite for students to use including a bike shed behind the senior school. 


There are lots of off road shared paths in Wangaratta to help you get to school safely.