School Uniform

The Wangaratta High School uniform shapes an integral part of our school’s personality. The uniform is very much a part of the identity and tradition that Wangaratta High School offers. Wearing the Wangaratta High School uniform sets us apart by providing an individual identity within the community. We ask all our students to wear their uniform with pride and dignity, and to remember that untidy dress or misbehaviour whilst wearing the school uniform brings discredit to the school, themselves and Parents/Carers. Parents/Carers are expected to fully support the school’s requirements concerning school uniform and neat appearance.

General Requirements

A student should wear the full school uniform correctly, completely and cleanly at all times. This includes during school hours, whilst travelling to and from school and whilst involved in excursions or other activities.

Each student is responsible for maintaining high standards of dress in and out of the classroom e.g. uniform worn correctly. See the full list of uniform requirements in the following pages of this document.

Terms 1 & 4

The full summer uniform is worn during these terms.

This includes the Wangaratta High School hat. When on school grounds, students must be in full Summer uniform eg. Shirt, Shorts, Dress, Shoes, Hat.

Terms 2 & 3

The full winter uniform is worn during these terms. When on school grounds, students must be in full Winter uniform.


During Terms 1 and 4, all students must wear their Wangaratta High School hat when
outside. This includes, walking to and from school, in between classrooms, waiting for
buses and during lunch and recess. Hats should be cleaned regularly and they should
be repaired or replaced when damaged or badly worn.

Uniform Supplier Agreement

Wangaratta High School has an exclusive arrangement with Worklocker, who is the only approved supplier of the Wangaratta High School uniform. Under this contract Worklocker have the right to embroider the school emblem on the nominated items of uniform.

Visit Worklocker in Wangaratta at 120 Murphy Street, Wangaratta, or phone them to enquire on (03) 5722 4644.

Acceptable Items of Uniform


  • Polo shirt short sleeve blue with logo
  • Polo shirt long sleeve blue with logo
  • Polo CLC shirt royal with logo (Year 9 only)
  • Jacket softshell with logo
  • Heavy jacket wet weather polar fleece lined with logo


  • Dress navy stretch garbardine (Summer)
  • Skirt tartan (Winter)
  • Shorts (cuffs) navy – Girls
  • Shorts navy – Boys
  • Long pants navy


  • Polo sport shirt short sleeve navy/white
  • Sports shorts navy/white trim
  • Tracksuit pant sport microfibre navy with logo


  • Bucket hat with logo
  • Socks black or white
  • Year 12 rugby jumper
  • Prefect tie
  • Prefect blazer
  • School shoes; must be black with no other colour